Love Will Find a Way

Love Will Find a Way Sometimes forbidden fruit is the sweetest of allShe was untouchablehis business partner s wife Beautiful Rachel Tanner was everything that Dylan Prescott longed for in a woman all lush curves and unco

  • Title: Love Will Find a Way
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780380815555
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes forbidden fruit is the sweetest of allShe was untouchablehis business partner s wife Beautiful Rachel Tanner was everything that Dylan Prescott longed for in a woman all lush curves and unconscious sensuality But he had too much honor to even think about tempting her away from the man she lovedDylan has always known he should stay far away from thisSometimes forbidden fruit is the sweetest of allShe was untouchablehis business partner s wife Beautiful Rachel Tanner was everything that Dylan Prescott longed for in a woman all lush curves and unconscious sensuality But he had too much honor to even think about tempting her away from the man she lovedDylan has always known he should stay far away from this bewitching woman, but now, her marriage over, she has turned to him with questions only he can answer on her alluring lips, As he takes her in his arms he realizes that her tantalizing kisses are no longer forbiddend the illicit passion he feels for her is no longer out of his reach But will their love find a way to survive once he tells her the truth

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    1. I was surprised to see so many negative comments on this book. I actually liked it and I really felt for Dylan and Rachel and understood their circumstances. However, the legend of the apple seems too much of a fairy tale and that would be one thing that probably put me off a little. The other thing I noticed was that there were a few grammatical mistakes. I am not sure if this is because it is from the kindle version, however, I believe whether kindle or reading the book, the contents should be [...]

    2. I stayed up very late reading this book. I agree that it wasn't hard to figure out Gary's secret, but it was a sweet book. It was hard for me to put it down. Figuring out Gary's secret did not detract from the book. Perhaps the author wanted the reader to know the secret.

    3. Romance is not my usual preferred reading genre, but when my mother recommended it to mewell, she's my mother so it was more like a directive.Since I'm not a typical romance reader, that might influence my lower rating and review. This was very much a typical romance. The plot had some nice twists and the characters were very believable. As a reader, you wanted the happy ending.In the story, Rachel is reeling after her husband's unexpected death and turns to his lifelong best friend Dylan. She w [...]

    4. Dylan has always loved Rachel, even when he was Gary's wife. Gary was his best friend, they grew up together, ran a company together, even fell in love with the same woman together. Until one faithful day where Gary died. The insurance company wouldn't pay up, they said it was suicide. Even worse, Rachel found evidence that her deceased husband could be cheating on her. When she asked Dylan for help because she has no where to turn to, they begin an adventure, venturing into Gary's past and thei [...]

    5. This was a huge disappointment. There were many things that I didn't like about this book, leading with the fact that I didn't like most of the primary characters, including Rachel. Most everyone was selfish and deceitful. I did feel like I "got" the point of the story, but just didn't enjoy reading about it. Much of the conflict was over-wrought and not credible to me. What was wrong with these people??? Didn't ANYBODY communicate???? I never believed that Gary was cheating on Rachel and resent [...]

    6. Rachel and Dylan love found its wayWhat an emotional rollercoaster. To love and to have loss and to find love again. With so many secrets it's only love that could bind. Freethy, carefully crafted Love Will Find A Way, with Rachel and Dylan playing key rolls. After losing Gary and having to cope with uncertainty, it was interesting to see how the past would shape the future. You will feel ever emotional with this story because it touches at the core of the unknown. Is love enough? What are you w [...]

    7. Well it was a fast read. Took WAY too long going over and over the same emotions without much progress. Kind of anti-climactic. I guessed the "secret", so it wasn't overly original. I didn't really connect with any of the characters. They seemed like caricatures of real people - everything was exaggerated.

    8. This was a really good story. It could've been at least a 3 star book for me. The apple ruined it. It was like part of a fairy tale inserted into a contemporary romance. I just couldn't get into that part of the story.

    9. I found this book on the Free Kindle list. being free you never know, but this was a real surprise. good story line, a couple of twists you didnt really see coming, nice way the story came around to the ending Would recommend this as a read.

    10. Loved It! The first night reading I stayed up until 4am. I could not put this book down. I read it so fast that I may decide to go back and read it again. Great story.

    11. Another amazing suspenseful novel I have often wished I possessed the talent to bring people to life through the pages of a bookgretfully I do not have an ounce of ability to write fictionThis is another good book by a most talented story tellerad and enjoy.I have yet to be disappointed with the twenty four books I have read and looking forward to number twenty five.

    12. I love all Barbara Freethy books and this one was no exception. Very interesting story with some interesting twists and a wonderful love story.

    13. Love Will Find a Way is a story about Rachel. When her husband dies in a suspicious car accident, she turns to his best friend Dylan to try and solve the mystery. Add in Twist #1, Dylan and Rachel had a secret fling right before her wedding and have had feelings for each other ever since.While I did enjoy the book, I was a bit confused with all the different things going on. Is this a love story? Suspense? Magic? I mean we go from serious deaths, suicides, infidelity, and illegitimate children t [...]

    14. "Could she risk losing her safety net for the opportunity, the love of a life time."This book is about facing fears. And secrets, and how to two enter trine with each other. We all have secrets that we keep from the ones that are dear to us for fear of loosing them. Fear of their judgement. And, or we're just to embarrassed to have those secrets out for everyone to see. When the one with the most secrets dies, he leaves a wife and a best friend to find the complete truth. Turns out the truth isn [...]

    15. Solid 3 StarsI was definitely intrigued by the story in this book, I found myself really wanting to know where this was going to go. I liked the hero (Dylan) and heroine (Rachel); however, I'd be lying if I didn't say that Rachel got on my nerves a couple of times. That said the emotion was definitely there, I totally felt for Dylan and Rachel, and I definitely felt for Rachel's son Wesley.This had a bit of everything, romance, angst, intrigue, and a heart warming story. I was definitely underwh [...]

    16. A predictable read. Boy and girl like each other, boy and girl can't be together for whatever reason, boy and girl find way back to each other. The only unpredictable part of the book was that normally boy and girl get together and some major secret is shared and there's a big fight/conflict and they separate for author-determined amount of time before they can't stand to be apart any longer. That part didn't happen in this book which was kind of nice. In this predictable read Dylan and Rachel a [...]

    17. Secrets are the essence of this book by Barbara Freethy. Can you keep a secret from a loved one? Do we really want to know the truth if it hurt? Rachel loved Gary's openness and genuine happiness and it wasn't until he died that she learned he kept many secrets. How could someone who seemed so honest be deceptive? Rachel enlists the help of Gary's best friend, Dylan, to uncover Gary's last days but in doing so, reveals her own secret -- a dark desire for Dylan she'd kept banked since her wedding [...]

    18. Love Will Find a Way is a very applicable title for the story of forbidden love, that is maybe not so forbidden.There are so many parallels that are developed in this story - Gary and Dylan's secrets, Carly's secret, Rachel's hold on anyone and everyone she loves because everyone she loves leaves her. There is so much depth to the relationships and emotions of the characters in this story.And all through it is the magic of the Lady Elaine's apples. I loved the twist about Rachel's love and her u [...]

    19. I didn't know what to expect when I started this book. The beginning for me dragged on a little and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading it.I'm glad I did.Gary, Dylan, and Rachel meet while they where still young. Rachel gives Gary one of her "magic" apples. Rachel and Gary marry. 9 yrs later after Gary's death is when secrets start to come out. Dylan (Gary's best friend) offers to help Rachel discover the truth. Only something keeps pulling them together. I was frustrated at times with Rac [...]

    20. Wonderful book from start to finish. Darlyn has loved rachail for many years butshe married his best friend had a child by him. But now she needs his help.He agrees to help her in meany ways yes she finaley falls in love with him but she figures she has been in love with him to but mever realisef it.Thos was a great book with laughter and a few tears through in an 8 year old and it is greate. If you have never read a barbra freeth book you owe it yourself to read just one then you will want to r [...]

    21. Not my favorite work, but still a great story. I had some issues with the idea that, even with all the secrecy, Gary was too "perfect" in memory. I also lost patience with the subplot involving the sister and her chasing one man while another keeps telling her he's her true soulmate. That story arc grows stale after a few books. Still, it kept me riveted, and I did like the small town feel and the legend of the special apples. I even gasped when I got to the point where the apple-eater was revea [...]

    22. 2011 - So far an easy fun read. Knew what would happen from the first chapter-- unless I am in for a twist?? A fun and light way to start the day!Reread in 2016. Funny but this book really drew me into the the lives of the characters. I became emotionally invested in this book. I was surprised to find that I read this a few years ago, as I had no recollection of it at all. Usyally if I become emotionally involved, I remember the book. I'm nit sure why not in this case, but apparently enjoyed it [...]

    23. Freethy did it again. Another great book with suspense and love mixed into it. Secrets are a part of our lives everydayd there are plenty in the lives of Gary, Dylan, Rachel and Carly. of the secrets - Aunt Elaine's tree of apples - plays an important role. Gary who is married to Rachel dies in an accident - or was it an accident - the insurance company wants to call it a suicide. But both Rachel and Dylan venture to uncover the truth along with the many secrets hidden.but love finds a way!

    24. Rachel has just lost her husband and wants to know the truth behind his death. So, she goes to see her husband's best friend, Dylan, who actually used to be her friend until one kiss that happened the night before her wedding. This is not just a story about finding the truth about Gary's death but also about finding the truth of themselves.A really great story - all of the characters felt as if they were real people. Even with all of the secrets that were being kept, nothing was ever contrived.D [...]

    25. I bought this on my nook because it was cheap and didn't check out reviews first. Cheezy titleI should have known it was NOT a clean romanceough, not nearly as bad as some that I read as a teenager! I won't recommend it (even if it is on the low end of sleezy! hahah) I did read the whole thing. AND it was kinda fun (should I admit that?). I would compare it to Nicholas Sparks, who I stay away from unless my sister tells me it's clean. I'll just plead ignorance in this case. I'll be moving on to [...]

    26. Many of the characters have secrets. Many of the characters have lost a loved one. There is also a bit of deception. Oh, yes, then there is the legend of the magic apple. That was such a "sappy" off putting part of the story. There were parts of the book i totally enjoyed, but there were parts of the book where i was tempted to discard the book and read something else.Three stars is stretching some of the story.

    27. This is a great easy read romance novel. I enjoyed every minute of it and it wasn't too smutty if you will. Just had a lot of the romance, which I loved. This is why I like romance novels every once in awhile, they take you away to the world where even if something bad happens, in the end there's a love story to be told. I especially love a romance novel whose "roots" run as deep as Lady Elaine's.

    28. The Legend of Lady Elaine's apples. Magic Apples that came all the way across the country so that the lady and her love could be together. Nice romantic bit of fluff to start the serious stuff. I loved the characters, the plot, the twists and turns, and everything in between. I was right there with the widow wondering if her husband was having an affair and was going to leave her. I could not put this book down. I had to know the truth. I loved this author and will be reading more by her.

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