Anatomy of a Disappearance

Anatomy of a Disappearance Nuri is a young boy when his mother dies It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father Until they meet Mona sitti

  • Title: Anatomy of a Disappearance
  • Author: Hisham Matar
  • ISBN: 9780385340441
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nuri is a young boy when his mother dies It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father Until they meet Mona, sitting in her yellow swimsuit by the pool of the Magda Marina hotel As soon as Nuri sees her, the rest of the world vanishes But it is Nuri s father with whom Mona falls in loNuri is a young boy when his mother dies It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father Until they meet Mona, sitting in her yellow swimsuit by the pool of the Magda Marina hotel As soon as Nuri sees her, the rest of the world vanishes But it is Nuri s father with whom Mona falls in love and whom she eventually marries And their happiness consumes Nuri to the point where he wishes his father would disappear.Nuri will, however, soon regret what he wished for His father, long a dissident in exile from his homeland, is taken under mysterious circumstances And, as the world that Nuri and his stepmother share is shattered by events beyond their control, they begin to realize how little they knew about the man they both loved.Anatomy of a Disappearance is written with all the emotional precision and intimacy that have won Hisham Matar tremendous international recognition In a voice that is delicately wrought and beautifully tender, he asks When a loved one disappears, how does their absence shape the lives of those who are left

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    1. Nuri is eight when his mother dies. A few years later at a resort where he is staying with his father, he meets Mona, a woman eleven years his elder, who he develops a fascination with that last years. His father, an ex finance minister, whose life is in danger after Gaddafi takes control of his country, had already moved his family to Cairo. He will marry Mona to give the young Nuri a mother. He will eventually be disappeared, whereabouts unknown and Nuri will spend his life wondering what has [...]

    2. NESSUNO AL MONDONuri, l’io narrante di questo romanzo, racconta la sua vita tra gli otto e i 25 anni.Ma se adesso dovessi descriverlo, dire perché si comporta come si comporta, cosa sente (a parte la lapalissiana mancanza del padre), non ci riuscirei, andrei un po’ di qua e un po’ di là, farei confusione e non saprei centrare il fulcro.Non avrei più successo con Mona, oppure provando a descrivere il grande assente, il padre.Men che meno con la madre morta.Forse, mi andrebbe meglio con N [...]

    3. I was fascinated with this spare yet elegantly written coming of age novel because so much of the story parallels the author, Hisham Matar’s own life. In this semi-autobiographical story, Nuri, a young boy of 14 years, loses his father (a diplomat and dissident living in political exile in Egypt) when he is suddenly abducted and “disappeared” by some unnamed foreign government. The novel recounts the next 10 years of Nuri’s life as he uncovers pieces of his father’s mysterious past and [...]

    4. My father is a quite type, you will always see him sitting in a sofa watching television or sitting in the near bench. He never cared of his surroundings or maybe I'm too heartless to share his feelings. I live with that kind of situation and never regret that I have a father like him. I lived closely with my mom and siblings and if you ask me, I used to having my mom at my side than sitting with my quite father.Anatomy of Disappearance is written by Hisham Matar, a Libyan author and shortlisted [...]

    5. رشحتها لي إيمان خفاجي رغم حداثة صداقتنا إلا أنني أحب حماسها المفرط وهي تتكلم عن هذه الرواية أو تلك لذلك عندما رشحت لي "اختفاء" بدأت في قراءتها مدفوعة بتلك الحماسة وانتهيت منها في يومين شيء ما كان مختلفا في هذه الرواية حكاية الغياب ذاك الخواء الذي يطاردك كلما اختفى من حياتك شخ [...]

    6. Когато видя заглавие като това, очаквам хвърляне в ъгъла на стената, затискане и разказване, съчетано с безпощадно разчленяване на пустотата, която едно изчезване донася. Нещо тежко и красиво от калибъра поне на "Тишина през октомври". За съжаление тук не открих нищо такова. [...]

    7. من المؤكد أن هشام مطر يمزح ما هذا يا هشام !!لاشك أن هشام يملك لغة سرد جميلة ومحكمة ، ولا يمكننا أن نصف هشام مطر بعدم الإحترافية أو السوء ، لكن هذه الرواية عدا اللغة التي كتبت بها سيئة بالفعل ، قصة متواضعة جداً ورتيبة إن لم أصفها بالمملة ، بالكاد أستطعت إكمالها ، الأحداث لا جديد [...]

    8. .مش عارف الشُعور الصح إلى جاني بعد ماكملت الرواية، بدأت قراءة الرواية من فترة وكل مرة نقرأ فصل ونسكر ونرجع بعد فترة وهكذا، الفصول الأولى كانت مُملة، لكن قررت اليوم أنه نجازف ونكمل لعند أخر حرف، والإعتراف بالحق شيء عظيم لهذا نعترف أنه كنت ظالم الرواية بشكل كبير، رائعة حد الحز [...]

    9. كتاب محبط و قصة مكررة لم تحدد الرواية في اي خط تريد ان تسير لم استماع ع الاطلاق عندما تزور سراي مكتبة الشروق بمعرض الكتاب وفر ثمن هذا الكتاب و أكمل مجموعة عز الدين شكري أفضل و ان لم ترغب توجه لنهضة مصر أو سور الأزبكية و ابتاع ميكي

    10. I’m really charmed. On every page I was torn between turning the page quickly to know what happens next, and slowing down so that I can enjoy it for longer. The language is so intense, so condensed (distilled is a better description), yet so elegant.

    11. Is it possible to be enthralled by the writing and yet left wanting by the story of a book? Of course it is - and that's what happened for me with Anatomy of a Disappearance. The story centers around Nuri, who is twelve years old when his mother dies. Within a year, his father has remarried a younger woman, Mona. Nuri has complicated feelings about that, at least partially related to his jealousy of his father because of his own crush on Mona. Everything changes, though, when Nuri's father is ab [...]

    12. رواية ساحرة! اتردد كثيراً فبل قراءة أي كتاب مترجم إلى أن شجعتني رحاب بسام مؤكدة أن الترجمة جيدة جداً وبالفعل اللغة رائقة فلا تكاد تشعر ان الكتاب مترجم وأُحي محمد عبد النبي (المترجم) على المجهود الممتازالسرد رائع والرواية فاتنة تدخلك عالم ناس أخرين بهدوء شديد وترفع عنك هم الأ [...]

    13. أنا المفروض اكتب رائي هنا عن الرواية انا لما خلصتها حسيت اني مش استفدت حاجة علي المستوى الفكرى بس يسطر عليا شعور وهو المكتوب علي ظهر الغلاف للرواية " يتساءل هشام مطر عن كيف نواصل الحياه رغم اختفاء لأحبابنا عنها" وكتشفت ان دا هو مغزى الرواية ازاى نكمل حياتنا وجوانا احساس بالفق [...]

    14. للروائي و الصحافي عزت القمحاوي رأي يؤكد على أن موهبة الروائي الحقيقية مرهونة بالرواية الثانية لا الأولى . مع أن عزت نفسه لم يقنعني لا في الثانية و لا حتى الأولى . من هذا الرأي أقول و بخيبة أمل أن هشام يخطو إلى الوراء . أحببت روايته الأولى غير أنه كرر نفسه تقريباً دونما انتباه فا [...]

    15. رواية بديعة عن اختفاء الأب والعلاقات المرتبكة بالأمهات. سرد جميل من النوع الذي يشعرك بالحزن والوحشة عندما تصل إلى نهايته. وترجمة خلابة من محمد عبد النبي جعلت من النص عملا أصليا متدفقا.

    16. Красиво написан роман за липсите – тъжен, меланхоличен и изпълнен със самота. Хишам Матар премълчава повече, отколкото споделя, и точно в това се крие изящното обаяние на историята му.

    17. Първо и най-важно: Матар умее да види нежни и съществени детайли от общуването на хората и те сами по себе си правят четенето му радостно изживяване. "Анатомията" успя да ми отвори апетит за още (чакам с нетърпение автобиографичната му книга!), въпреки че ми се стори недоработ [...]

    18. Не знам защо изобщо четох тази книга. Нито историята, нито героите, нито стила на писане ми хареса.Всичко беше принудено, протяжно и скучно.

    19. Има книги, които още преди публикуването им усещаш, че те зоват, че дърпат най-съкровените струни в душата ти. „Анатомията на едно изчезване” беше точно такава. Когато най-после си я взех, все още неотгърнала дори първата страница, знаех, че тази творба (и тук ми се иска да из [...]

    20. “There are times when my father’s absence is as heavy as a child sitting on my chest.”With this tender opening sentence, Hisham Matar begins to weave a subtle pattern of absence and loss that defines the emotional territory of Anatomy of a Disappearance, his second novel. The narrator of this beautifully paced story is Nuri el-Alfi, who at 14 loses his father when he disappears from an apartment in Geneva, likely the victim of a political kidnapping. The loss is unbearable yet even before [...]

    21. When a young arab boy, Nuri, loses his mother to illness, he and his dissident father must emotionally support each other in their apartment in Cairo. However, bikini-clad Mona arrives in their lives, and Nuri must watch as his advances go unnoticed and she falls in love with his father. But when Nuri’s father disappears under mysterious circumstances, Nuri must come to grips with his relationships with his father and Mona while trying to find his own place in the world.Hisham Matar does a goo [...]

    22. This story is a novel, but reads like a memoir. Judging from the short biography about the author on , one must assume Matar is “writing what he knows,” since the thread of the novel closely follows the arc of his life. In real life his father, a former Libyan government minister, is persecuted by the Gaddafi regime, and is subsequently kidnapped. In the novel, we know the family is in exile in Cairo, but we never learn the country from which they fled. Matar is extravagantly talented: his s [...]

    23. Anatomy of a Disappearance: A Novel by Hisham Matar is a fragile dream of a novel, a sliver of memories from the childhood of the narrator. At first, it focuses on the death of his mother and the woman he and his father meet at a hotel, Mona. Both the 14 year old boy and his father fall in love with the woman but the father marries her and soon the boy is sent away from Egypt, his home, to a boarding school in England.But when his father is kidnapped from Switzerland and is not heard of again, w [...]

    24. Nuri is 12 when his mother dies, 14 when his father is kidnapped by political opponents and probably murdered; he spends the next few years shuffling between his English boarding school and the apartment of his beautiful young step-mother, Mona, on whom he is uncomfortably fixated. I liked the prose of Anatomy of a Disappearance—there were one or two of the more lyrical lines which didn't quite work for me, but otherwise Matar's style manages to be spare while also being descriptive and sugges [...]

    25. This book has an interesting cover! I am excited to have won it through First Reads and am looking forward to reading it.

    26. This book opens with the first sentence which explains a complex father-son relationship "There are times when my father’s absence is as heavy as a child sitting on my chest”Hisham Matar chooses to write from the view point of a young boy while discussing grown up themes. It deals with the story of Nuri el-Alfi, a fourteen year old boy whose mother is dead and whose father, an important political figure living in exile from an unnamed country and the journey of its political subversion, dict [...]

    27. " تمر الاوقات يثقل فيها غياب أبي علي كأن هناك طفلاً جاثماً على صدري " هكذا يبدأ الكاتب روايته التي استهلهما من عاملي بناء في الاسكندرية .الرواية ليست غريبة في أحداثها .أب مع ابنه - ذكرى والدة ميتة - خوف و عمل تحت الستار ضد نظام يظهر و لا يظهر و الجميع يعرف بأنه النظام الليبي و لكن [...]

    28. The demarcation line between "classic literary themes" and "plain old clichés" is sometimes so tenuous as to be practically non-existent. This is what I found myself thinking upon finishing "Anatomy of a Disappearance". The protagonist of Hisham Matar's second novel (after the Booker-nominated In the Country of Men) is Nuri, the son of an ex-minister of an unnamed Middle Eastern country who has lived in exile in Paris and then Egypt ever since that country's "beloved king" was deposed in the la [...]

    29. I really like Mata'r first novel, the Country of Men. for this reason, I decided to read his second novel. I can say that I enjoyed the story and the language. It was delicately written and with true passion. However, the plot is quite boring. I believe that there was some room for the author to add unexpected events, some surprising ending. Overall, I enjoyed reading it.

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