Night's Landing

Night s Landing Archaeologist Sarah Dunne is prepared for anything when she returns to her family home in Night s Landing Tennesseeanything except the news that her twin brother Rob has just been seriously wounded

  • Title: Night's Landing
  • Author: Carla Neggers
  • ISBN: 9780778323983
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Archaeologist Sarah Dunne is prepared for anything when she returns to her family home in Night s Landing, Tennesseeanything except the news that her twin brother, Rob, has just been seriously wounded by a sniper in Central Park She rushes to New York to be with him, only to come up against no nonsense Nate Winter, also wounded in the attack.As a deputy U.S marshal NArchaeologist Sarah Dunne is prepared for anything when she returns to her family home in Night s Landing, Tennesseeanything except the news that her twin brother, Rob, has just been seriously wounded by a sniper in Central Park She rushes to New York to be with him, only to come up against no nonsense Nate Winter, also wounded in the attack.As a deputy U.S marshal Nate is the best, but he s willing to break the rules to track down the would be killer Nate believes the official investigation is going in the wrong direction, especially when he learns that Sarah is like a surrogate daughter to her Night s Landing neighbour none other than the president of the United States.When Nate suspects that Sarah has held back crucial information he follows her, because he will let nothing neither his and Sarah s growing attraction for each other, nor the mounting danger they face stand in the way of the truth.But in a place filled with betrayal, greed and long held secrets, truth is guarded with a deadly vengeance.

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    1 thought on “Night's Landing”

    1. Awesome series! a well written series with interesting characters which was also very well developed (paperback!)

    2. This one started off a little slow but quickly picked up its pace. I look forward to reading the others in this series.

    3. Night's Landing was a quick read for all the right reasons: engrossing, exciting, and mysterious, which were all sustained from start to finish. A romantic suspense that is driven by appealing characters who are integral to the story. There are no bystanders or "wasted" moments; every event counts and is relevant to the plot. The trigger moment occurs at the beginning with a sniper's bullet that targets two U.S. marshals. One of which happens to be a friend of the President. Is it a random act o [...]

    4. U.S. Marshalls Rob Dunnemore and Nate Winter are shot by a sniper in Central Park. Rob is seriously injured. When his twin sister, Sarah, arrives in NYC Nate learns they are neighbors and friends of the President who comes from TN and that their parents are diplomats currently on a Commission in Amsterdam. Can the shooting have been intentional, related to their task force or their family connections? Nate intends to stick close to Sarah and dig deeper. Secrets in TN may be coming to the surface [...]

    5. Not one of Neggers's best efforts: the plot's a hot mess, with so many subplots that the central characters and their romance don't shine.

    6. Archaeologist Sarah Dunnemore is taking a break from work at home in Tennessee when she hears that her twin brother Rob has been shot by a sniper in New York. She rushes to be with him, only to find herself embroiled in a mystery that stretches from New York to Tennessee and even to the White House. Nate Winter, who was injured in the same shooting, finds himself watching out for Sarah while trying to connect the dots between Sarah, Rob and their Tennessee neighbor, who happens to be the current [...]

    7. Excellent!I loved reading this book! It has excitement, twists and turns, likable characters, and a good ending! I recommend reading it.

    8. Good storyI felt like this started a little slow, but picked up nicely and had like of twists and turns that made for a great read

    9. NIGHT'S LANDINGInteresting romantic suspense thriller, second book I have read by Carla Neggers - good descriptive writing. I could have done with less on the snakes though.

    10. I love the way she intertwines her characters from one book to the next It's like revisiting family.

    11. Night’s Landing by Carla Neggers is the second book in her U.S. Marshal series. In the opening scene, US Marshals Nate Winter and Rob Dunnemore are shot in Central Park. Nate’s wound is slight, but Rob’s is critical, so his twin sister rushes to his bedside. Rob, afraid that his sister is a target, sends her home. When she receives a threatening letter, Nate comes to her aid in Tennessee. Odd things begin to happen involving her gardener, a reporter, snakes, and the President who was raise [...]

    12. This was an excellent Romantic Suspense novel. It was so interesting that I quickly picked up and read "The Rapids", "Cold Ridge" and "Dark Sky" by Carla Neggers. All four books involved related characters and so they kept me entertained. They also take you to adventerous places of interest such as the Neatherlands, Tennessee, New York, Hudson River Valley, New Hampshire and Vermont. I recommend this author to anyone who loves to read adventurous, suspense novels with a touch of romance. I reall [...]

    13. Sarah Dunnemore was home from Scotland when she received a phone call telling her that her twin brother, Rob, had been shot in Central Park in New York City. She came to New York and met Nate Winter, her brother's partner, who also had been shot. And, thus begins the mystery as to who shot them and why.As with the first book in the Series, the characters are strong, well developed and engaging. The plot takes many twists and turns which kept me wanting to know more. Great suspense and romance.

    14. Very good story with lots of suspense and well written. Was out of reading material, so my mother gave it to me to read. Didn't realize it was a 'romance mystery' until halfway through the book when it really started reading like a romance novel. I'm not a big fan of too much 'romance' overshadowing the story. I'd have given it 4 stars if hadn't turned into a romance novel at the end. Still liked the author's suspenseful writing style and will look to see if she writes other types of books.

    15. I haven't read the others in this series but this was fine as a stand alone, well actually it made me want to read more about the other secondary characters. I guess this is a hallmark of Neggers books - a rich cast of characters. I also liked that this one really started out with a lot of excitement and also finished up with even more action. Sarah and Nate made a good couple, I really couples who work side by side instead of some kind of power struggle.

    16. Not bad, not good either. Served the purpose of something semi interesting to read on a night I couldn't sleep. Sarah and Rob weren't even believable as siblings, much less twins. Rob's partner Nate seemed destined to "click" with Sarah even before the end of the first page, and there were way too many folksy, stereotypical Southern characters to keep track of. By the time I finished it, I really didn;t care "who did it."

    17. 'Nights Landing' is simply one of the best Carla Neggers books ever published. It is long on everything a romantic suspense novel should be. There is non stop suspense, sex, intriguing mystery and an action packed ending. Nate and Sarah come together under crazy circumstances. Nate is her wounded brothers partner and becomes her protector. When they flee the city for Sarah's remote childhood home sparks fly.

    18. Good book. I read it in 2005, but when I found it in a box a few days ago I decided to read it again. It has an excellent plot, a lot of suspense, some scary parts, some romantic parts, and some very likable characters. I never guessed the end and that's a big plus. Parts are not very logical, but I guess in fiction anything goes.

    19. Sarah was home and she got a very shocking call from her brother that he was shot. Her brother was an FBI Agent and his partner was Nate. She rushed to the hospital and found out that her brother was in surgery and that his partner was shot too, but it wasn't that bad. Later on Sarah and Nate have to figure out who the shooter was before he tries to kill her.

    20. Author Carala NeggersLocation New York , TennesseeeCharacters Sarah dunnemore, Rob Dunnemore, Nate winters, Juliet, Ethan Booker, Conroy Fontaine, President John Wesley PoeMY COMMENT If you want your head,throbbing with migraine, go for this novel This novel will show you how to fill 300 plus pages with out any story, meaning and tempo

    21. This is the first of Carla Nevggers' books I have read but it will not be the last. Great Book!!!

    22. I liked the strong female centric character. A who dunnit with a bit of romance thrown in. The story is centered in Tennessee. Entertaining, easy read. Would be a good "vacation" book.

    23. The book was poorly written and difficult to follow. The plot could be an easy reader and enjoyable, if you can get past the bad writing.

    24. I really like the U.S. Marshall's series and its characters! This book is more of her best suspense with characters you can really sink your teeth into.

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