Frangipani In Tahiti it s a well known fact that women are wisest mothers know best and Materena Mahi knows best of all or so everyone except for her own daughter thinks Soon enough mother and daughter are e

  • Title: Frangipani
  • Author: Célestine Hitiura Vaite
  • ISBN: 9780316114660
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Tahiti, it s a well known fact that women are wisest, mothers know best, and Materena Mahi knows best of all or so everyone except for her own daughter thinks Soon enough, mother and daughter are engaged in a tug of war that tests the bonds of their love.

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      443 Célestine Hitiura Vaite
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    1. Jedna od knjiga koja me je ludo zabavila Ovo je druga knjiga trilogije Slučajno sam naletela na nju pre mnogo godina u jednoj knjižari u Torontu, pronašla vlasnika prava i tu knjigu trebalo je da objavi Laguna Čekali smo australijskog izdavača da nam pošalje ugovor gotovo godinu dana A onda sam ja otišla iz Lagune pre nego što je ugovor stigao, i Laguna je otkazala celu priču Ja još ne gubim nadu da ću za ove tri sjajne, zabavne i duhovite knjige naći izdavača Otkačene knjige koje [...]

    2. 3.5 starsFrangipani is a pleasant read. It focuses on the relationship between Materena, a hardworking, family-oriented Tahitian woman, and her brilliant, headstrong daughter Leilani. The book begins before Leilani’s birth and follows the family until she’s an adult. It is not a plot-driven sort of novel; short chapters explore various incidents in the family’s life, as well as that of the community.As I said, I enjoyed this. It is a sweet book, Materena and Leilani are strong characters, [...]

    3. Vaite is wild, outspoken, vivacious, and colorful. I adored this book about a Tahitian mama and the trials of motherhood in a male-dominated culture. I adored every piece of folk wisdom. Even more, though, I fell in love with the author herself while seeing and hearing her talk at a literary festival. As other authors conducted traditional book talks, she took charge of the stage, constantly tossing her untamable dark hair and speaking with complete humor and candor about Tahiti, womanhood, moth [...]

    4. Another excellent book recommended by my daughter. Set in Tahiti, the story is as sunny and delightful as the climate and island breezes. The story of a mother and daughter, Materena and Leilani, their discoveries, growth and relationships.Chock full of island culture, personalities, wisdom and stories. This is a book I hope others will pick up and read. Highly recommend for Around the World readers.

    5. Frangipani by Célestine Vaite is a delightful and entertaining book about the relationship between mother and daughter. Set in Tahiti, the culture and language of the people is woven into the story, making it a quite enjoyable book to read. From the book, I assume that the Tahitian people are very laid-back and happy. They have some customs that are just wacky, but don’t all cultures? I loved the relationship between the mother, Matarena and her daughter, Leilani. When Leilani got her period, [...]

    6. Quand un enfant naît, on doit planter un arbre dans le jardin. Toute leur vie durant, l'arbre et l'enfant seront liés : si l'arbre est en bonne santé, c'est signe que l'enfant va bien ; si l'arbre est malade, l'enfant va mal également. C'est pourquoi il est très important de faire attention à l'arbre qu'on a planté lorsque l'enfant est né. Si jamais il est sec, si ses feuilles tombent, il faut réunir la famille de toute urgence pour prier pour la bonne santé de l'enfant.Ou alors, il fa [...]

    7. This book was a "wild card" I found at the library book sale. It's bright cover and setting in Tahiti intrigued me. A universal story of girlfriends, wives, mothers, unfulfilling men set in Paradise. HILARIOUS! Easy to see why it is an international bestseller. Mostly a story of moms and daughters, mainly one loving mom and one strong willed daughter, it hits very close to home. I will look for another from this author. I loved Materena, the story's Tahitian Mama, and the news on the Coconut Rad [...]

    8. This book by a Tahitian woman radiates warmth & light--an excellent winter read! The main character is a strong, wise, generous mother. The story is set in a small island community where people know and (mostly) care about each other. The relationships between women in the story are inspirational.

    9. Devo dire che questo libro non mi ha particolarmente intrigato all’inizio. Lo vedevo lì, davanti a me, e pensavo: “Non ho voglia di leggere un libro per ragazzini, non ne ho più l’età”. E invece, anche se penso che la copertina indichi più un libro per ragazzi dai 10 ai 14 anni, questo libro merita davvero tanto. Quello che colpisce di più non è tanto la scrittura dell’autrice o come è scritto o così via, ma la storia in sé perché questa è una di quelle storie che fanno capi [...]

    10. this is great fun and very engaging/involving, for anybody going to, been to, related to or interested in Polynesia, pacifica islands around there or the Ma'ohi/maori (ethnic-cultural group extending from Samoa or is it Tonga? to New Zealand and Hawa'i (the ' is a glottal stop and one of their only nine consonants), i would make this a solid five out of five. I loved it. I started thinking it was much better than you'd expect for a quite-talented daughter of the islands and it's fun and it reall [...]

    11. An enjoyable story of Tahitian culture and the conflict between mothers and daughters. I have the sense it won't stick with me for long, which is why I only gave it three stars, but I didn't have to struggle to get through it. Longer review with quotes on my blog (also music recommendation and link to dessert!)

    12. Read the whole series, was sad when I finished it because it meant that I had to let go of the story. I love Materena, to me she reminds of so many women around the world, that in their own little way are trying to make the world a better place by making the people around them happy.

    13. These are wonderful books in a series about South Pacific culture and modern issues. Great, lovable characters and a truly South Pacific setting. Really recommended.

    14. I loved Frangipani. It took me weeks to finish it because I haven't exactly been in a reading mood. But books I read during such phases usually end up getting tossed because they don't hold my attention long enough. But Frangipani was always a delight to come back to. It felt very authentic and Tahitian, with adorable characters, and a very easy-going narrative style.Frangipani is mostly told from Materena Mahi's perspective. When the book begins, Materena is moaning her partner, Pito's, neglige [...]

    15. Frangipani is Viate's second offering in her Tahitian trilogy. Although the first-person narrative seems to float along on the surface quite innocently, Vaite uses her main character Matarena's seeming simplicity as a guileless mirror with which to reflect the effect of colonization on the native Tahitian psyche. The various Tahitians populating the novel suffer a loss of identity in which they are neither really Tahitian nor assimilated to French ways. Understanding Woman is Matarena's endearin [...]

    16. I got this book based on the title, and was pleasantly surprised at how I didn't want to put this book down. The book follows Materena, a young Tahitian woman and her family: Pito, her husband; Leilani, her daughter; and her two sons, Moana and Tamatoa. It is a brilliantly written novel about the connection between mothers and daughters. Leilani is smart and stubborn, but her mother wants her to be better than a 'professional cleaner' as she has been. Materena does anything for her family, and p [...]

    17. Frangipani is the second novel by Tahitian author, Celestine Hitiura Vaite and the second book in the Materena Mahi series. Materena is a champion professional cleaner whose forte is her discretion. This instalment describes the highlights (and lowlights) of Materena’s life from her twenties to her forties, in a series of vignettes of everyday Tahitian life. Vaite includes many traditional Tahitian rules in the form of Materena’s Welcome to the World and Welcome to Womanhood for her daughter [...]

    18. I had just finished reading two very depressing books and desperately needed to read something more upbeat. I found this one on WhichBook when I did a search for something happy and optimistic, and it definitely filled my requirement! In spite of the difficulties that come with being a woman in Tahiti (yes, there are difficulties in paradise) Materena, the main character, kept a wonderful positive attitude that infected me while I read. I recommend this to all mothers of daughters, especially te [...]

    19. I really adored this book and the main character and her daughter. The bonus of learning a little bit about Tahitian culture was also nice, and I love the phrase "sexy loving" in place of sex. It's just those small, quirky things that make this book so fun to read. There were portions of the book that were a little drawn out and I would have liked to see the daughter appreciate her mother more gradually then kind of all of a sudden at the end, but in general, most enjoyable. Looking forward to r [...]

    20. not that great, kind of a B or a B+. its sort of a nice "feel good" novel about mothers and daughters. the one thing that pulls it up from being completely trite is the fact that it is located in tahiti, and it feels accurate. the author talks about the poverty from french colonialism, tahitian culture, generation gap between traditional tahiti parents and their assimilated children who scoff at tahitian customs, prayers, etc. so the lifestyle and location part was cool. kind of reminded me of p [...]

    21. Sweet book about island women, grandmothers, mothers and daughters, set in Tahiti. Writing style is simple which gives it an extra charm - it gives an extra dimension to the characters in the book. Funny, witty, and quite 'feminist' - the men in the book get some, but definitely not a lot of credit! Recommendable, especially when you're interested in island culture & women's issues. You want women like this as your neighbour!

    22. This book is one of my favorites ever. It is the story of a spirited mother in Tahiti, and the relationships between her family. This book concentrates on the relationshiop between her and her daughter. It is very funny, and gives great insight into the customs of Tahiti.I also reccommend Breadfruit and Tiare in Bloom by the same author. All three books have the same characters. I was sad that the series ended!

    23. Love, love, love this book. What a happy read about Tahitian everyday life, and the special relationship between mother and daughter. The protagonist keeps her values straight and simple (this is NOT to say her values are NOT profound) and this seems to bring her so much satisfaction (and admiration). On a personal note, I've always been a proud mama - but this book reinforces my joy in motherhood.

    24. I wasn't totally into this book. I think there would be a lot of discussion (book group) about relationships between mothers and their daughters. I did like that the main character, the mother, in the book was pretty positive throughout her whole life, and that her daughter did take in what her mother taught her, even if her mother couldn't always tell.

    25. The first time I tried to read this book, I got stuck on the "Tahitian" grammar and couldn't continue. But this time I was sucked in. Materana is an amazing character who is truly a heroine in that she is ALWAYS true to herself. It's definitely a book worth reading.

    26. I loved this book! Love the characters, the story--so sweet and heartwarming to follow the mother-daughter relationship through some 25 years. I already have a couple of other books by the same author waitlisted at the library, and can't wait to get to them.

    27. I loved this book and put it in the post to my mother after I finished as it's a great mother/daughter book. Vaite also writes about exotic Tahiti and tells it like it is, local-kine. Am looking forward to reading Tiare and Breadfruit.

    28. A sweet story about a mother and daughter. It takes place in Tahiti, but applies to women all over the world. Interesting, pleasant, touching, and funny (especially some parts featuring Auntie Georgette!)

    29. This is the perfect fun summer book. It is about a mother and daughter and their relationship and it takes place in Tahiti. I can't wait to read the next 3 books in the series. It is a nice quick summer read - not to challenging, just really enjoyable.

    30. A heartwarming book about a Tahtian woman & her interactions with a wide variety of people. I could relate to her relationship with a teenage daughter. Many thanks to Adrianne for starting me on this set. Looking forward to reading the others.

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