Prey on Patmos

Prey on Patmos Saint John wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation over years ago in a cave on Greece s eastern Aegean island of Patmos When a revered monk from that holy island s thousand year old monastery is

  • Title: Prey on Patmos
  • Author: Jeffrey Siger Stefan Rudnicki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Saint John wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation over 1900 years ago in a cave on Greece s eastern Aegean island of Patmos.When a revered monk from that holy island s thousand year old monastery is murdered in Patmos town square during Easter Week, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis of Greece s Twenty First Century Special Crimes Division is called upon to find the killerSaint John wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation over 1900 years ago in a cave on Greece s eastern Aegean island of Patmos.When a revered monk from that holy island s thousand year old monastery is murdered in Patmos town square during Easter Week, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis of Greece s Twenty First Century Special Crimes Division is called upon to find the killer before all hell breaks loose in a manner of speaking Andreas impolitic search for answers brings him face to face with a scandal haunting the world s oldest surviving monastic community On the pristine Aegean peninsula of Mount Athos, isolated from the rest of humanity, twenty monasteries sit protecting the secrets of Byzantium amid a way of life virtually unchanged for than 1500 years But today this sacred refuge harbors modern international intrigues that threaten to destroy the very heart of the Church in a matter of days.Length 7 hrs and 46 mins

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      230 Jeffrey Siger Stefan Rudnicki
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    1. Mysteries can be hit or miss for me as a reader. Some plod along with an occasional interesting plot idea keeping the reader interested, others move along at such a breakneck pace that you forget both where you've been and where you're going. Prey on Patmos does neither of these. The story moves along to a resolution that surprises with unexpected events, and occasionally, forces the reader to drop all expectations of how the story should be told, and thereby enhances the enjoyment. Prey on Patm [...]

    2. In the third book of this excellent series, Jeffrey Siger has two objectives. One, to show Kaldis's deepening relationship with Lila and their impending parenthood, and two, to show the importance of religion in Greece. He succeeds in both cases.Kaldis is his normal, acerbic self-- more concerned with putting the bad guys behind bars than he is of being politically correct or of avoiding trampling the feelings of others. But that is his work face and not at all the way his relationship is with t [...]

    3. Another fantastic Kaldis story. This one is, as are the previous two, full of Greek history (past and present), and rich with descriptions of the islands and its people. The characters are genuine and three-dimensional, and the plot is complex, yet never confusing.I really enjoy this series because there is so much to learn about Greece and its culture. These do not read like textbooks and are never tedious, and the more you read, the more you learn and the more you want to learn. They are writt [...]

    4. It really amazes me how a New York attorney can portray the caracters, the uniquness, the politics of the Greek church in such a realistic fashion.Having spent a week in a village near the Holy Mountain and refreshing my memory about the history of its twenty monasteries, and having visited the most beautiful island of Patmos, gave me a much better understanding of this book's intricate storyline!!

    5. I suppose I am slightly biased towards crime stories as I am writing in the genre, but I have to say I find Jeffrey Siger's writing completely engaging. Not only is the story pacy but his setting of the scene transports the reader to the location. I love Greece and the Greeks and for me to have a detective story set in Greece is as good as it gets.

    6. I loved it!! I bought it in England, and I didn't know if it was a good choice. At the end it turned out, that it's a fantastic crime story about Greece :) The cover is cool too! :) I totaly recommend it!! :)

    7. Prey on Patmos (An Aegean Prophecy) by Jeffrey Siger is book 3 of the Andreas Kaldis mystery thriller series. Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis has been reinstated to a top position in Athens, after previously being demoted and posted to Mykonos police force for political reasons (book 1). His beloved Lila (book 2) is about to have their child. Kaldis is amazed this woman from the highest ranks of society cares about him, since he comes from a modest background. He loves her but does not ask her to [...]

    8. Finished 06/03/2014. Andreas Kaldis is sent to the island of Patmos to try to find why a devout monk has been killed. Lila Vardi is about due to deliver their baby. He & Kouros, his assistant make friends with an innkeeper who is also a "retired" spy. The monk's back-up discs & computer have all been stolen & three visiting monks are not available. Everything is being directed by a lowly monk in the lowliest monastery on Athos, who is in fact an escaped war criminal. K uses one of th [...]

    9. PREY ON PATMOS is the third book in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series and, like its predecessors, is an entertaining police procedural and an engrossing look at twenty-first century social problems against the background of an ancient culture.“There was an unusual cadence to the man’s walk. Maybe it was the uneven stone lane. But he’d walked this path ten thousand times, thought not so soon before first light. Still, he knew it well enough. He paused, as if to listen, then moved fi [...]

    10. This was very interesting and I feel I learnt a lot about the Greek Orthodox Church, though what is real and what was made up for the story I don't know. The settings were well-written and came over well, and made you feel part of the story without feeling overwhelmed. The characters were fantastically realised, and felt like a parade of real people, rather than cardboard cutouts. The mystery at the centre is obvious in its physical form (who did it and why) and then gains a larger dimension tha [...]

    11. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; MAY 17, 2015Narrator: Stefan RudnickiThere’s shit-stirring going on in the Eastern Orthodox Church and unless Turkey changes its constitution to accommodate Greece, the EOC could see itself unseated from Constantinople, which it has occupied for nine hundred years, to God-knows-where. This would be as unthinkable and unacceptable to the EOC community as it would be to Roman Catholics if they were told they had to move Vatican City and their Pope to Podunk, USA.Along with t [...]

    12. On a dark night early in the Easter Week of the Greek Orthodox Church, part of the body of the larger Eastern Orthodox Church, a saintly monk is cruelly murdered on the winding streets of Patmos, an island in Greece.The crime was heinous not only because of the nature of the victim but because it happened during a holy time and in a holy place. Patmos is in the eastern Aegean and it is here in a cave almost 2000 years ago that Saint John wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation. It has a small p [...]

    13. Nothing special but essentially an OK read. The third instalment in a series of which I haven't read any of the other books. As a standalone novel it worked well however I can't help but feel I'd missed out on getting to know Inspector Andreas Kaldis who I was led to believe (mistakenly as it turns out) was the Greek equivalent of Donna Leon's Italian Commissario Brunetti.As a character character I didn't particularly take to Kaldis. Not that this should really matter (do we really need to like [...]

    14. Mr. Siger has a new fan. Me! After finishing the book, I even e-mailed him to say how much I enjoyed it, and that’s something I seldom do. I’m glad I didn’t have to write the cover blurb because there’s no way I could have condensed the action. The story focuses on religious subterfuge of the highest order and the murder of the priest who tried to thwart it. An unknown murderer is on the loose and Inspector Kaldis must figure out his true motives, yet the priests are strangely reluctant [...]

    15. Wow I haven't read a book this bad in a long while. Wait I've never read such a book. It's an unfortunate combination between what I perceive as Danielle Steele novels - what with the plastered in 'sex' scenes - and some very lame crime movie where the cops are swearing and everything turns out as it should be at just the right moment. And the Greek setting it does show that there was some sort of documentation for it, but IT SHOWS Which makes me believe that he was trying too hard to make it au [...]

    16. I am only giving this book 3 stars because of my ignorance. I knew NOTHING about the Eastern Orthodox Church, the divisions between Russia's Church and Greece's. This novel is about trying to solve the murder of a old devote Greek monk. As the investigation progresses, the plot becomes more and more complicated. I had some trouble keeping up with the church politics. I enjoyed this book because it gave me a full flavor of Modern Greece. This is actually, the third in the series. It did not deter [...]

    17. Could be called an ordinary police procedural mystery set in Athens, Mt. Athos and Patmos Island. But I loved the descriptions of the island and am more eager than ever to visit there on our cruise in September. Book is a fast read and it was fun to see the reference to the tourist wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers ball cap - can tell the author is from Pittsburgh! I appreciated the fact that maps of the areas were included.

    18. My only complaint - the author needs to mention a few more Greek foods!! Inspector Andreas Kaldis gets caught up in the investigation of the murder of a monk on the island of Patmos. During the investigation we learn a lot about the Eastern Orthodox Church and how it is structured. We also get the feeling of what it is a bit like to visit Greece during Holy Week. This is the third in the series and I'm real anxious to read the fourth which is already out.

    19. Loved the setting on the Greek islands of Mt. Athos and the hillside monasteries. This is the 3rd in the series and I did not read the first two so I missed a bit of the back story but it did not seem to be too much of a problem.

    20. This is the first of Jeffrey Siger's novels I have read. I believe this is the third in the Chief Inspector Kaldis series. Interesting lead character. More interesting was the Greek setting and insights into Eastern Orthodox Church and control they have over parts of Greece. Learned a lot.

    21. When a monk is stabbed to death near the monastery on the island of Patmos, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis finds himself drawn into a centuries old debate involving the 20 monasteries on the isolated Aegean peninsula of Mount Athos. Setting is beautifully evoked though plot is rather unlikely.

    22. Not quite sure what happened but it seemed that I have finished reading or rather listening to the book. Won't rate it as I didn't quite get the gist of this whodunit.

    23. Great premise. The writing isn't that good, so it probably should be 3 1/2 but I like the premise so much I'm going with the 4.

    24. An excellent read and can thoroughly recommend if you have an interest in mystery / crime or Greece. Still think the first one in the series is the best though.

    25. Andreas is tasked to investigate the murder of a religious leader monk at a remote monastery during holy week.

    26. I love how the author knows Greece, its customs and its people. And the police procedure is true to the country so it isn't the same procedure one would find in the US.

    27. I'm getting to like This series more and more. The combination of believable and likable characters along with the Greek insights makes for a very good read.

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