Garden of Secrets

Garden of Secrets Dr Charlotte Adams is torn between two men Rev Andrew Schilling is her past a high school romance that went drastically wrong But he s back in town now and part of her present along with newly divorc

  • Title: Garden of Secrets
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9781451636512
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Charlotte Adams is torn between two men Rev Andrew Schilling is her past, a high school romance that went drastically wrong But he s back in town now and part of her present along with newly divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera, whom she s been powerfully attracted to for months The question is, which man is her future and Charlotte has to face and accept heDr Charlotte Adams is torn between two men Rev Andrew Schilling is her past, a high school romance that went drastically wrong But he s back in town now and part of her present along with newly divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera, whom she s been powerfully attracted to for months The question is, which man is her future and Charlotte has to face and accept her past before she can build a life with Joe.

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    1 thought on “Garden of Secrets”

    1. This was the last book in the Angel's Bay series, and the ending left me wanting more and closure to the Shipwreck story line and the some of the characters lives. I was tired by the middle of the book of the "Charlotte" saga and who she was going to choose as "her man". The robbery of the jewels and assault to the assailant got lost with this. It could have been a great suspenseful mystery, but it left me disappointed. I really hope someday, the author will decide to write another book in the s [...]

    2. Author: Barbara FreethyFirst published: 2011Length: 368 pages, 3961 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Angel’s Bay, California.Sex: Explicit-ish. Infrequent.Hero: SherrifHeroine: Ob/gynIncludes: Excerpt from The Way Back Home by Barbara FreethyHuh?Getting together before his divorce is finalised. While she’s kind of dating/interested in past BadBoyBoyfriend now Reverend. And he’s investigating her for a robbery/assault based purely on hearsay and circumstance?With a ghost thrown in for [...]

    3. Teaser: A reckless yearning filled her heart, and her mother's words echoed through her head. She didn't want to end up alone, but she did have a problem giving up control. Wasn't that the reason she'd dashed up the stairs at the manor? Because she'd been afraid that she wouldn't be able to control the situation?My Thoughts:Reading "Garden of Secrets" reminded me at times of the seventies song, "Torn Between Two Lovers" - like the singer, Charlotte loves both men and has a hard time choosing bet [...]

    4. I hate love triangles. It just really spoiled the book for me. Yes, the good guys win and they catch the bad guys, but I wanted a better story for Charlotte. Dang.

    5. 5th Book in the Angel’s Bay Series 384 Pages Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Pocket StarBarbara Freethy on GoodReads : Website : Twitter :Dr. Charlotte Adams is torn between two men. Rev. Andrew Schilling is her past, a high-school romance that went drastically wrong. But he's back in town now and part of her present — along with newly-divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera, whom she's been powerfully attracted to for months. The question is, which man is her future — and Charlotte has to fac [...]

    6. Garden of Secrets wrapped up everything nicelyEveryone in the end appeared to get their happily ever after and all the friends were there to celebrate with them.

    7. My 3.5 JEWEL review can be found at One Book Shy of a Full ShelfIn January, I discovered Barbara Freethy and her Angel's Bay series when I read and enjoyed my review of At Hidden Falls. I was drawn into the characters and the town immediately and wanted more.Garden of Secrets is the fifth and final installment in Ms. Freethy's series set in the fictional town of Angel's Bay on the Central California coast. As with the other books in the series, this one can be read alone. I'm a sucker for storie [...]

    8. In Angel's Bay, Dr. Charlotte Adams has returned and is struggling with personal issues. She has feelings for the Chief of Police, Joe, but she also wants what she had years ago with her first love, Andrew, who is now the town's minister. She's scared though to pursue either of the men because she doesn't want to get hurt, so she keeps the barriers around her heart firmly in place.At a New Year's Eve party, both men aim for her for the New Year's Eve kiss, but Charlotte panics and rushes up the [...]

    9. LOVED IT***slight spoilers***You would think have two men attracted to you would be a good thing, but for Charlotte, the local OBGYN, it has thrown her world into a tailspin. After being back in Angel's Bay for a year after what she had hoped would be a quick visit has turned more permanent. Andrew, her boy friend from high school has reappeared back in her life and she agrees to meet him at the New Year's eve party given by her rival's sister. This is the guy who cheated on her and is now the l [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the characters and the plot of this book. Charlotte was madly in love with Andrew during high school, but he cheated on her. She then dated someone else and found out she was pregnant and eventually miscarried. She did not know which of the men was the father. It left her devastated and closed off to relationships. Several years later, she is a successful OB/GYN and Andrew is now a minister. He wants to start over, but Charlotte is still leery of him and is also interested in Jo [...]

    11. All my life I have believed we can communicate with those who have left their mortal bodies behind. I never felt it was a "evil" or "scary" type of communication but that it could be if you weren't careful.The Angle Bay series plays on the idea that it is possible to have an "angel" help you find your love or give you the encouragement needed to find something important.I have read all the stories in the series so far and this one was my favorite. In the 4 volumes before it I grew to love all th [...]

    12. I liked this book a lot, but I felt a little let down when I finished, and I'm not really sure why. Charlotte has been my favorite character in this series and I have really looking forward to her story, so maybe I had built it up so much in my mind that it didn't quite meet my expectations. I think maybe there was a LOT going in for a 350 page book and some plot threads just felt incomplete or under-developed. Joe, of course, was my pick for Charlotte all along. I thought their romance was very [...]

    13. Another one in the Angel's Bay series. Freethy does a wonderful job of creating light romance blended with suspense. In this story, Charlotte is torn between her "first love" Andrew and exciting, but seemingly darker Chief police Joe. Of course she ends up in the wrong place as the wrong time and gets accused of being a thief, even though those who know her, know she didn't do it. Trying to stay neutral, Joe assigns the investigation work to his cohort Jason, but Charlotte keeps getting involved [...]

    14. This book is the 5th in the "Angel's Bay" series, and while it works as a stand alone, I would recommend reading the others first as there is a lot of backstory that is nice to know. I didn't like it as much as the others. I felt the character of Charlotte, who is smart and savvy in the other books, acted fairly dumb in this book. And it was clear from the beginning who Charlotte was in love with, so the romantic triangle didn't work. I was really disappointed, as I had like her in the previous [...]

    15. I really loved this book. I fell in love with the characters through this whole series. I have enjoyed the Angel Bay Series from the beginning. I really hope this isn't the end of this series and I am praying that Barbara goes back and adds more. I found myself in each book wanting to visit Angel's Bay. Each Character never gave up and kept going in what was ahead of them. I highly recommend these books but then I recommend all of Barbara's books. They are books you can't put down and you want m [...]

    16. A suspenseful romp full of mystery, sexy tension, and even a ghost, Garden of Secrets has all the elements of a good murder mystery. Sadly, for this reader, it fell a little short of the mark. The characters did so much soul searching that the story dragged in places and the bad guy was pretty evident even from the start. Others who are fans of this series may enjoy this climatic novel, but this reader was less than enchanted by the Garden.Virginia Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and Morecoffee [...]

    17. I loved this book. I loved getting to know more of the main characters and revisiting the secondary characters. It ended the Angels Bay series great.I love how love plays a bigger role in this book. Love of money, protecting the ones you love, keeping secrets to help someone. It has a great who done it in this book. You don't have to read the Angel Bay series in order. I read them out of order. This can also be a stand alone book.

    18. I am so sad to be at the end of book 5 in the Angel's Bay series! Not everything was tied up in a neat little bow, so dare I hope for a book 6 at some point? Loved this seriesloved the stories and mysteries and secrets.loved the charactersd loved discovering all there was to discover about Angel's Bay and the people who lived and loved there! I highly recommend all five books!

    19. Książka naprawdę mi się spodobała i przypomina mi trochę cykl Lucky Harbor - Jill Shalvis. Znajdujemy tutaj opowieść, która dzieje się w Zatoce Aniołów. Mieszkańcy są ze sobą powiązani i dość dobrze opisani. Mamy tutaj miłość, tajemnice i wątek kryminalny. Książka naprawdę wciąga i dobrze się ją czyta.

    20. **********THIS WAS A FIRST READ CONTEST WIN!!!**********I have not read any other books in this series but this book was great. This could be a stand-a-lone book since it has some background information on the characters from previous books. This was a fast pace book and well written. **********THIS WAS A FIRST READ CONTEST WIN!!!**********

    21. I've been waiting for so long for this story. Love all the Angel's Bay Books, but this one was my favorite. Charlotte has always been one of the most interesting characters and I enjoyed reading her story and figuring out which of the guys she might end up with. As always, a terrific read, lots of emotion, great dialogue and once you start reading, you'll never want to stop. Highly recommended!

    22. You will look good after reading this book, I guarantee it! Apologies to Men's WearhouseSeriously, this was an excellent book full of magic, good food, charged relationships. I checked it out of our Botanical Gardens library. It's shelved next to the delightful Beverley Nichols' books. Be sure to try those, too!

    23. I just loved this book. So sad to see this series end, but I'm glad I got to find out what happened with Joe and Charlotte. My favorite couple from Angel's Bay. Another five star book filled with romance, mystery and suspense from Barbara Freethy. I kept guessing who-dun it right up until the end. Great twists and turns! I definitely recommend this series to any Freethy fans.

    24. I have been following this sieres from book one ,and i hope there will be more to come.I am a hopeless romantic and love to see the happy endings.And this book as well as the previous ones are a must read if you are too.It's mixed with alittle fantasy that is very nice,different,,but very nice!Read it,you'll be glad you did

    25. I just finished up this series and need to catch up my entries. This was my favorite of the five because if you start with book one, it builds up to this story with Joe and Charlotte. A great series.

    26. I was glad when I read this book! My only problem with the first four books was that at the end of each one I wanted to know about Charlotte and Joe. They deserved a book all of their own, and it won't let you down!

    27. Suddenly One Summer, Jenna, Lexie, Reid; On Shadow Beach; The Shelter Cove; At Hidden Falls AND Garden of Secrets, Charlotte, the doctor, her Mom, Monica, Joe, the Sheriff, Andrew the minister, this book I actually read first, I then bought the Angel's Bay series !!!

    28. A very weak 3* for me - too easy to put down, and I'm not a fan of romantic triangles, especially when they last practically to the end. I did notice that many reviewers gave this 4/5*, so take my rating with a grain of salt.

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