If I Never See You Again

If I Never See You Again The DetectiveMeet Jo Birmingham Single mum streetwise detective and spiky as hell Recently promoted she is one of the few female detective superintendents on the Dublin police force But with a fail

  • Title: If I Never See You Again
  • Author: Niamh O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781848270916
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The DetectiveMeet Jo Birmingham Single mum, streetwise detective, and spiky as hell Recently promoted, she is one of the few female detective superintendents on the Dublin police force But with a failed marriage behind her and two young sons at home, trying to strike the right work life balance has run her ragged.The Serial KillerWhen Jo identifies the missing link in aThe DetectiveMeet Jo Birmingham Single mum, streetwise detective, and spiky as hell Recently promoted, she is one of the few female detective superintendents on the Dublin police force But with a failed marriage behind her and two young sons at home, trying to strike the right work life balance has run her ragged.The Serial KillerWhen Jo identifies the missing link in a chain of brutal killings, she comes under fierce scrutiny from her male colleagues in the force, especially her boss and ex husband Dan Mason But as the body count rises, so do the body parts As fear stalks the city, it soon becomes obvious both to the police and to the media that a serial killer is at large.A Terrifying Game of Cat and MouseAnd so Jo embarks on a terrifying psychological journey to find out who the killer is, and how he is choosing his victims Soon she is involved in a deadly game in which there are no rules Because the killer is waiting for her

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      390 Niamh O'Connor
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    1 thought on “If I Never See You Again”

    1. jo birmingham - recently promoted to d.i. a single mum, streetwise and takes no prisoners. only problem is her ex who is here boss and standing in the way of her transfer and promotion at long last she is assigned her own murder case - and this is no simple one. it turns out to be a serial killer with a very strange m.o. jo identifies the missing link in a chain of brutal killings but has to find out who the killer is and how he is choosing his victims - and why he always appears to one step ahe [...]

    2. No. 1 Jo Birmingham mysteryJo Birmingham is a police detective in Dublin. She's also a mother and separated from her husband who also happens to be her superior in work.When Jo finds the body of a horrifically murdered prostitute it doesn't take her long to link it to other recent murders. What she discovers is not pretty. It appears they're looking for someone with a religious obsession, someone acting out an eye for or an eye, a tooth for a toothWith the body count rising the investigation app [...]

    3. For me this is an average read. The story isn't bad and the pace of the book moves along nicely. It's the story of a serial killer in Dublin and the personal life of the detective investigating the crime. I found the writing a little basic at time's hence the two star's and also some error's in the book. I know it's a fictional story but I find it annoying in books that use real places that give error's about the real places.(view spoiler)[ I didn't like the ending and thought the story was too [...]

    4. An average thriller on the whole, not a bad read but nothing here to set the characters or story out from the crowd. While the main character, Jo, is likeable enough, I found the relationship between her & her ex-husband irritating. Jo's ex is also her boss & uses this to try & undermine her authority & basically treat her like dirt at work - no surprise there, not an original concept by any means - but what made it less than credible for me was the fact that in their personal li [...]

    5. Well, I have to be honest and say I was really surprised. This book was recommended to me via Facebook from somebody who was currently reading this book. I fancied somebody new and realised that it has only taken me a few days to finish this and throughly enjoyed it.I loved the setting in Ireland as it seems lately a lot of crime books I have been reading have been set in London. Niamh's writing is pretty good too. It's an easy to read style, nothing too taxing and complicated but enough to draw [...]

    6. This is a complex mystery with an interesting lead character. It's relatively unusual to come across a female lead detective with children, although of course a complex and often unhappy love life is de rigueur with crime-novel-cops. I warmed to Jo Birmingham and her struggles to be taken seriously amongst the boys in blue, and was drawn into the story through her character. She has an ongoing crusade - to get Separate Legal Representation for rape victims - which is mentioned throughout the boo [...]

    7. Liamh O'Connors Ermittlerin Jo Birmingham hat den Fall eines nekrophilen Serienmörders aufzuklären, der die Leichen seiner Opfer so drapiert, dass man ihn für einen religiösen Fanatiker halten könnte. Verknüpft sind die Taten mit dem Schicksal eines Kindes, das durch eine Entführung traumatisiert wurde. In der Figur der Ermittlerin begegnet dem Leser eine junge Frau, die sich als allein erziehende Mutter eines Pubertierenden und eines Einjährigen durchschlägt und deren ohnehin schwierig [...]

    8. Jo Birmingham’s life is far from easy. She has recently split up from her long-term husband, has two kids to look after including a two-year old, works long hours for the Dublin police, and is in charge of a murder investigation that others would love to have. Oh, and did I mention that her ex-husband is also her boss and now living with his secretary? If it all sounds too much, just wait till you read the book. A serial killer is on the loose, and Birmingham needs to quickly find out the link [...]

    9. Was a little slow to start or slow for me to get into,either way it was a slow boiler but gradually picked up the pace and I enjoyed it. It didn't have me rushing to read the next chapter etc but it was a good story with a good plot,plenty of twists and turns and possible killers.It leads you down several paths to who the killer is and I never guessed which is the best kind of crime novel I believe.I really liked the lead role of Jo Birmingham and she was just a normal working mum at the end of [...]

    10. The book was totally cool. The book of exodus was the best part. I loved the killers idea. Really love serial killing books (not that I lyk serial killinglol) jo was a really string and smart woman. I always thought it was sexton but it turned out to be Walter. Gosh who would have thought. All for Katie. that was fine but no for some disgusting sex thing .ckky. . Grosswell what else loved the biblical idea behind it. And why oh why are u like this dan I really wished that jo would find a nice g [...]

    11. "Empfehlen kann ich "Opferspiel" thriller-lesenden Frauen, aber auch Männern (!), die sich für ein Setting in Dublin, Irland interessieren und etwas über religiös motivierte Morde, Bandenkriege und politische Machenschaften im Hintergrund lesen möchten. Übrigens: "Opferspiel" hält sich bei der Beschreibung von "Gemetzel" zurück, hier können auch zart-besaitete LeserInnen zugreifen. (Wer allerdings schon die Beschreibung von Tatorten und deren Leichen nicht ertragen kann, wird auch bei " [...]

    12. This one was a hard one to finish! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it; the continuous twists and turns, the mystery and the whole 'whodunit' theme running throughout just kinda draaaagged. There were some parts which were really boring and that was when I flicked forward a few pages, not great! I love the fact that the main character is woman though who has so much going on, from the messy relationship with her ex to living her career, it warms the feminist part in me. Its an easy read, just be pr [...]

    13. With her hugely in-depth knowledge of the Irish crime scene, I might have expected this debut to be meticulously researched and written, and I wasn't disappointed.Where Niamh really scores though, is on the writing. Her characters are so real they grip the reader from the start. I couldn't put this book down once I started it, and the pace built and built, keeping me totally in it's grip. I love Jeffry Deaver, and the early Patricia Cornwell books, and am delighted to have found a fabulous new a [...]

    14. I wavered between 2 and 3 for my rating here. It was perfectly readable- you can't skim a crime novel no matter how tempting. But the plot, while a good idea came over as muddled and the conclusion a bit random, the efforts of the police team directionless, and soap box things leave me cold

    15. Drawn in by the awesome main character and her inability to brush her hair or give a flying fazoodle, plus the interesting case and lots of great city, mildly puzzled by two POV bobbles, then totally betrayed by the WTF ending. Still going to read book 2, dang it.

    16. really good crime novel. it kept me guessing all the way to the end. Characters interesting and it makes me want to read another novelk with them in!

    17. starting is quite boringhard to find on what is going on actuallybut after a few chapters the novel becomes interesting to read

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