Velvet Ball and the Broken Fairy

Velvet Ball and the Broken Fairy Nine year old Velvet has had enough of mean kids calling her a pixie just because she s bald And when Rory O Leary yanks her hat off and calls her baldy she stamps on his foot and takes off through t

  • Title: Velvet Ball and the Broken Fairy
  • Author: Patricia Puddle
  • ISBN: 9781456387440
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nine year old Velvet has had enough of mean kids calling her a pixie just because she s bald And when Rory O Leary yanks her hat off and calls her baldy, she stamps on his foot and takes off through the forest Tramping through the woods, she watches kangaroos and birds, but when she stops to pick wildflowers, she stumbles upon a fairy caught in the bow of a tree The faiNine year old Velvet has had enough of mean kids calling her a pixie just because she s bald And when Rory O Leary yanks her hat off and calls her baldy, she stamps on his foot and takes off through the forest Tramping through the woods, she watches kangaroos and birds, but when she stops to pick wildflowers, she stumbles upon a fairy caught in the bow of a tree The fairy promises to grant Velvet a wish if she saves her and proclaims to be Roseberry Fairy of Crabtree Forest Velvet doesn t believe in magic and thinks someone s playing a trick, but she rescues the so called fairy anyway But just like she thought, her wish of getting her hair back doesn t work and the sneaky Roseberry tries to escape But when she tries to fly away, she falls off the tree with a thump And now, as well as having no magic powers, her wings are broken Velvet feels sorry for the helpless little sprite and decides to look after her until she recovers Happy to have a friend, Velvet hides Roseberry in her bedroom, but she soon wonders why she s even bothered to help such an ungrateful little snot The fairy isn t at all endearing she s rude, demanding, bad mannered and spoilt She acts like a princess, expecting to be waited on Velvet figures Roseberry doesn t know how to use her powers because she didn t pay attention in Magic School And when Roseberry deliberately gets her into trouble, Velvet threatens to take her back into the woods But before she has a chance, Rory and his gang kidnap her Realising she cares for the little sprite, Velvet s heart breaks Now she ll have to rescue Roseberry, or who knows what they ll do to her.

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    1. Having recovered from a serious illness, Velvet now has alopecia, which means she has no hair on her body. New to her school, Velvet is the the butt of many jokes and a favorite target for the class bully. Running through Crabtree forest one day in an attempt to escape her tormentors, Velvet hears a voice in a tree. Looking up, she is surprised to see a small doll-like creature hanging upside down, stuck in a branch. After being promised a wish if she saves her, Velvet manages to free her from t [...]

    2. Velvet Ball is not your normal little girl; she's the new kid in town, lonely andld. After battling a disease that made all her hair fall out, she struggles to be liked at her new school, but instead of giving her a chance, the other children are just nasty and bully her. One day after yet another awful day at school, she takes a shortcut through the woods and finds a doll hanging from a tree branch. It turns out the speaking doll is a fairy named Roseberry, and a bad-mannered one at that. Velve [...]

    3. Ms. Puddle, you never cease to amaze me!I don't think I've ever read two books in a row by the same author that I've enjoyed this much until now!I loved Star-Crossed Rascals and absolutely adored Polly and Gertie. I didn't think it possible to like any other characters as much as I did those two.That is, until I met Velvet Ball and Roseberry, the Fairy of Crabtree Forest. Once again, I found myself falling in love with the main characters, Velvet our young heroine, and Roseberry our unlikely her [...]

    4. In this book, the plot centers around two characters - a little girl with alopecia, and a fairy who can't do magic. Both are bullied, both are feisty, and both stick to their guns. Both discover hidden powers within themselves that they never new existed - powers they never would have known about had they not crossed paths. The end comes with several twists and turns that I did not expect, and the author resolves the issue of whether Velvet should accept her baldness or rebel against it quite ni [...]

    5. “Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy” by Patricia Puddle Velvet Ball is a nine years old girl. She is bold because she was very sick and all her hair fell out and for some reason don’t want to grow back. To improve Velvet’s health her parents decide to move to the countryside.However, her new school is horrible. She is bullied all the time & all the kids are making fun of her calling her Pixie and other names.She is trying to be brave but when everyone is ganging up on her it becomes in [...]

    6. If there is one theme that is sure to generate strong emotions, it is that of bullying. So much is known about it, so familiar a part of childhood it has become, and so little is ever done about it. A bully, with deep feelings of inadequacy mixed with pure and simple malice, can latch onto any physical or psychological characteristic that is slightly different from the norm. Thereafter the victim’s life is made a living hell.The victim’s life is lonely, miserable, and often tragic, even nowa [...]

    7. I'm looking for a great story to read on my kindle. This one caught my eye immediately. It is a touching story of a beautiful friendship between a spoiled fairy and a girl who just wants to fit in. Deeply moving, and written fantastic with a strong voice. Nine-year-old Velvet Ball has no hair. If that's not bad enough, her family moves to the country. No fourth graders want to hang out with a bald girl with no eyelashes. They make fun of poor Velvet constantly. While walking home she meets a fai [...]

    8. I have never read a book where the author addressed the issue of alopecia, or hair loss in kids. I don’t even think most kids know what it is. In this story we are introduced to a young girl named Velvet Ball. She has a disease that caused her to lose all of her hair. Her parents move her to the country to try to improve her health in the hopes her hair will grow back. The kids at her new school don’t want to be her friend. They bully her around and call her names. One day on her way home sh [...]

    9. I don't generally purchase many kids books, but initially purchased the kindle copy. I enjoyed it so much that I have now bought a number of paperbacks form Christmas Presents, for kids aged 6 to 12yrs (boys & girls will love it). I was delighted with the response from my 8yr old grand daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed the story, and was often on the edge of her seat with the unexpected twists and turns to the plot. The characters just came alive at the hand of this Author. There is wit and h [...]

    10. What a fantastic story. It's hard not to fall in love with the character, Velvet Ball. Even her name is lovely. My empathy level went up immediately as soon as I realized this main character was dealing with much more than your typical school bullying, but she was also dealing with having alopecia-a terrible disease that no child should have to go through.Patricia takes us on a magical journey in this story of a little girl who meets a fairy, but truly takes her own path making us want to both c [...]

    11. Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy is a wonderful story. Patricia Puddle takes a situation, a child's disease and how it's affected her, and has turned it into a lesson in humanity while weaving humor throughout. It's easy to sympathize with little Velvet, as she's a very well developed character that could easily be the "child next door". Roseberry, the fairy, is awesome. Funny, frustrating, colorful, an all-around great character. I've read several of Puddle's stories and wasn't disappointed in [...]

    12. Once again the author has written a great children's book, full of humor and adventure. This time instead of the main character being the little imp, it's the bad-mannered, demanding, little fairy saved by the main character, Velvet in the woods that adds the magic touch to this story. Velvet suffered with alopecia which left her bald. The bad-mannered fairy gives her back her hair and the two become friends. The story touches on bullying in school by kids who see Velvet as different. This story [...]

    13. I love to read children's and YA books! I find that so many are just as entertaining for adults as they are for the audience intended. This onet so much. If I had been sharing it with a little girl, reading it together perhaps, I would have enjoyed it much much more. Definitely a tale for younger folks with a bigger imagination and lower threshold for comedy. It was cute and well-written, there was a good amount on the subject of bullying and being different which is always good aimed toward the [...]

    14. Should be 4 1/2 stars. The only reason I didn't give it five is because Velvet seemed so flat compared to Roseberry and I always think another character shouldn't steal the main character's spotlight. This said it was an enjoyable read with potential for more. The writing was solid, the voice was believable.And while the story wasn't earth-shatteringly original, I liked the humour and would give a sequel a try.

    15. Brought for grand daughter who loved Patricia Puddles other books, did not have time to read all, as needed to get in the mail, skimmed, looked great, had I had the chance to read all, would have probably been a 5 star. I know she is going to laugh and enjoy this book.

    16. I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

    17. A great story for kids and a great message about children with Alopecia and accepting children who are different. My granddaughter loved this book.

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