The Trap

The Trap In the thrilling second book of the Magnificent series Mack MacAvoy is challenged by his spectral mentor Grimluk who only appears in the shiny chrome pipes of bathrooms Mack must find the ancient

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: MichaelGrant
  • ISBN: 9780061833687
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the thrilling second book of the Magnificent 12 series, Mack MacAvoy is challenged by his spectral mentor, Grimluk who only appears in the shiny chrome pipes of bathrooms.Mack must find the ancient ones, the great forgotten forces Some will help some not so much But above all Learn the ways of Vargran Assemble the twelve Go to the nine dragons of Daidu Go to theIn the thrilling second book of the Magnificent 12 series, Mack MacAvoy is challenged by his spectral mentor, Grimluk who only appears in the shiny chrome pipes of bathrooms.Mack must find the ancient ones, the great forgotten forces Some will help some not so much But above all Learn the ways of Vargran Assemble the twelve Go to the nine dragons of Daidu Go to the Egge rocks Beware of the trap.Time is short The wicked Pale Queen s three thousand year banishment ends in thirty five days, and she will be free to destroy the world It s up to Mack to stop her return But what do all of Grimluk s clues mean Can Mack achieve everything he must do without getting killed by the evil Risky and escape the trap The Magnificent 12 The Trap is another fast paced episode in bestselling author Michael Grant s hilarious fantasy adventure series.

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    1. It was overall a good book. What doesn't make sense is that they run into 2 people that they need to meet out of the billions of people in the world. Obviously the third person they needed to meet is against them and is working for their enemies and just happened to have a big fat grudge against the main character. How weird is the luck. In these types of book the author always says the main character's look is bad but they always win and come out alive.

    2. (WARNING: My review contains some spoilers)Magnificent 12: The TrapCharacters:-Mack-Stefan-Grimluck-Paddy Nine Iron Trout-Valin-Risky-Xiao-Jarrah-DiemterPlot:Mack is continuing his journey on saving the world from the Evil Pale Queen, who only has 36 days left until her resurrection in being free from the locked underground. Mack is on his way to finding all the eleven members of the new magnificent 12 including himself. So far, he has found Jarrah, with his body guard Stefan who was once his sc [...]

    3. RECEIVED FROM: Net Galley for Review***NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS***Mack MacAvoy is the leader of the Magnificent 12, a group of chosen twelve-year-olds with “enlightened puissance” who have been tasked with saving the world. The children aren’t protecting us from the dangers we know, but the dangers that we don’t remember. The Pale Queen, the mother of all monsters will escape her prison in a little over thirty days and Mack and his companions are our only hope of stopping h [...]

    4. Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers: thebooksmugglers/2011/08/tAfter teaming up with Jarrah, the second of the Magnifica in The Call, Mack, Jarrah and Stefan set out to find the remaining 10 members possessing the “enlightened puissance.” With only a few muddled, cryptic clues from Grimluk (via the bathroom), Mack conquers his phobia of flying (sort of) and heads to China with his friends in tow, only knowing that he must find something about a band called Egg Rocks (actually items cal [...]

    5. We come from the land of ice and snow,From the midnight sun where the hot springs blowI wonder how many others got that reference Anyway.It took me forever to finish reading this book, but I finally did. Not sure how exactly to start this review The Trap wasn't slow per se, but it wasn't a page turner either. It was cool getting to know the characters more and bringing new ones along the way, but at the same time all the characters seemed distant. I couldn't relate at all to Mack, Stefan, Jarrah [...]

    6. 4.5 starsA fast paced, action packed adventure with some unforgettable characters, The Trap is a wonderful sequel to The Magnificent Twelve. Michael Grant has created a series that whisk's readers into a fabulous world mixed with a rich mythology, intriguing mythological characters and creates a story line that's both fun and engaging.This time Mack and his friends travel from China to Germany in their continued quest to find the rest of The Magnificent Twelve and defeat the Pale Queen. Along th [...]

    7. Mack and his friends are still at it. They must assemble the Magnificent 12 before the Pale Queen rises, which is only a few days away. They find dragons, get followed by an ancient man in green, visit Thor and encounter all sorts of freaky creatures along the way. No matter how defeated they think they might be, they have to pull it together to save the world.The one thing that bugged me a lot about this book was all the product placement. There was quite often a lot of name dropping be it elec [...]

    8. I haven't received the book yet, just received notice I had won. 08/01/11Received last night, will start as soon as my current read is finished. Almost there. 8/9/11Will be starting this today. 8/11/11**Haven't read the first book.**Mack and his friends head to Tokyo to look for another one of the magnificent twelve. They find another, see the 9 dragons, escape from Paddy Nine Iron and travel to Germany. They meet a bunch of different characters along the way. Some help them, others do not. The [...]

    9. This was a very fun follow-up to the first book in the series. Michael Grant's writing style in this series is very fun. Tongue-in-cheek sequences sandwiched between high action give the adventure in this story a little bit of comical fun. I am sure that many middle grade/middle school readers will devour The Trap.It will be interesting to see where the next installment will take the main characters, especially the villainous Paddy "Nine-Iron" Trout. I loved the backstory that Grant wrote into t [...]

    10. In the second installment of the Magnificent 12, Mack and Jarrah head to China, where they meet the third member of the 12, a mysterious girl/dragon. After being chased through the Forbidden City, they make their way to Scotland where they meet the fourth and fifth members, one of whom doesn't seem to keen to join them. Having been warned of a trap, Mack is ever wary of those they meet, but is blindsided by the actual trap (of course). Not having any more information from Grimluk, they set off t [...]

    11. First, I love, love, love Michael Grant. If he wrote it, you need to read it. Period. His YA GONE series is fantastic, but I can't tell you how much I enjoy this particular MG series. I love the storyline of The Magnificent Twelve, but the characters and humor trump all. I think I would read this even if the storyline was only so-so, that's how great the characters are and how much I enjoy the humor. The wild adventure begun in the The Call continues in The Trap, but the stakes are higher and we [...]

    12. I've procrastinated in writing this review.Basically, this book was hilarious. It's also for kids. Having read The Limit just prior to this, I wasn't expecting much from the middle-grade section. But this book was so good, it was a pleasant surprise. The humor was constant, making me laugh loudly in the middle of class. The action was exciting too, considering it's not proper YA. Exciting and laughable, it was a great quick read--highly enjoyable. I'm very conservative with my five stars these d [...]

    13. In the second volume of The Magnificent 12 series, Michael Grant once again takes us on a wild ride around the world. Mack, Stephen and Jarrah are on their way to China to pick up the next member of the 12, but of course they encounter everything from scary little men made of stinky blue cheese to dragons, to giant grasshoppers and just plain old giants. With the clock ticking down to the Pale Queen's release, will Mack be able to find the rest of the 12 in time to save the world from impending [...]

    14. Loads of fun! I can't wait to get these books into the hands of some of our fourth and fifth graders--or middle school, if you happen to work with those kids.Loved the humor and the action."Sometimes I talk to toilets. It . Well, they seem to like it." In my e-ARC that was on page 10 but that could change in the final copy. Anyway. Lines like that. Who wouldn't giggle."(By the way, if you know all this because you read the first book? You can skip this chapter and go on to the next one. My feeli [...]

    15. This book takes up shortly after the end of the first installment and the action immediately rushes on. I really love the characters in this book, from Mac to Stefan, the bully. Each of them is clearly defined and voiced. The backstory of the assassin added some great humor. Should a story about an assassin be humorous? Anyway, it is. Although this is a book for children, there are bits that are aimed more at adults, things that children likely wouldn't catch out as being funny. This would be a [...]

    16. Book 2 in the Magnificent 12 series by Michael Grant. This book picks up exactly where book one leaves off with Mack MacAvoy seeking other members of the Magnificent 12 in order to fight the evil White Queen and save the world. Mack and his two friends travel to China where the meet a young Dragon/girl who turns out to be one of the 12, then they go to Germany and find two more of the 12 (although one of them has been co-opted into helping the White Queen). They the Queen's minions, including he [...]

    17. Join Mack, the boy of a thousand phobias (well, okay -- only twenty-five at last count), and his companions, Stefan and Jarrah, as they continue their quest to complete the gathering of the Magnificent Twelve and battle the forces of the Pale Queen. Every bit as awesome and funny as the first book, I'd actually recommend this one for kids, teens, and adults. And don't worry -- Mack's golem still makes the occasional appearance.Warnings: Well, I guess there is violence. Stefan gets to beat on a l [...]

    18. I had to read this one as I supposedly read #1. I did not so it was a little confusing. There's Mack, Jarrah & Stefan are back, I guess, & the hunt for the rest of the Magnificent 12 is now urgent because the Pale Queen is about to be released after being imprisoned for 3,000 years. Interesting. The story follows their travels around the globe & they finally end up in China. Oh, these guys are 12 & 13, so the traveling thing on their own is totally plausible. The author solves th [...]

    19. The second book in this series is every bit as good as the first one. In fact, I think it may be funnier. Our hero, Mack, has 35 days to find 11 other members of the Magnifica and save the world. He gets his instructions from a very old guy who only speaks to him through bathroom fixtures. There are an unusual number of strange creatures out to kill him. He is constantly having to overcome his many phobias, including his phobia of phobias. It sounds too pat, but Grant makes the story sing. The d [...]

    20. I read an eBook version of the story. This book is the second in the series, and you should read the first book before it. The humor continues to be a little weird, but it's no different from the first book. The author again shares a flashback story, but this time it explains why the old assassin doggedly stalks the kids. I enjoyed the plot of the book, but I was bothered by the thoughts of the golem, a mud monster impersonating Mack while he gone. The golem's thoughts were stuck in the middle o [...]

    21. Never failed to disappoint me.Very very entertaining and fast paced. The humor of this series never failed to make me smile and laugh. The golem's parts in this book bothered me though. He's creepy and weird. I don't want a golem substitute if I ought to save the world. HahaThis series is awesome and a lot of new characters is appearing (I can't believe Thor is here XD) , can't wait to meet all the Magnificent 12.And know their hidden powers and what will Risky's other eleven deaths be like. The [...]

    22. This goes right into our must-read series list. My son and I read the first book before reading this one and I'd recommend doing so. We enjoyed this book while waiting for Hurricane Irene and then had to put it reluctantly aside when we dealt with flooding. It was a fabulous adventure that had us laughing out loud. There are lots of fun and silly aspects to keep the young readers interested. I look forward to seeing where it goes next! We can't wait! I work with elementary and middle school aged [...]

    23. Yay! I won this through First-Reads on GoodReads! I am looking forward to reading it! Thanks!* * *Received the book today. It looks very exciting. I can hardly wait to dive in! Thank you!* * *Hurry, write the next one! This series is a lot of fun. AND educational. Ok, I will admit that I missed the built in dictionary of my Kindle for this is a real, life book. Where is the button to hit? But I had to look things up. I think most children who read this may do the same. There is just enough histo [...]

    24. Michael Grant really delivers with this second addition to his new Magnificent 12 series. The popular teen author has really found a new niche with elementary age readers. The Trap continues the story of Mack MacAvoy, a boy who suffers from too much mediumness, as he along with his new bodyguard, Stefan, try to find the rest of the Magnificent 12 and save the world. Grant's writing is hilarious and full of adventure. I can't wait to recommend this series to my tween book group! They will love it [...]

    25. The adventure continues. Grimluk gives Mack vague intructions as to where he will find more members of the magnificent twelve. Mack, Stephen and Jarrah find themselves in China searching for more members of the magnificent twelve. Constantly under threat by Skirrit, Lepercorns and the evil princess; Risky Mack must gather the rest of the magnificent twelve before its too late. There are only thirty five days left.This book is as funny as the first with new characters to be introduced and more pr [...]

    26. The second book was even funnier than the first! A great laugh out loud book for kids 8-12 or a terrific choice for a family read. Mack is afraid of everything so when he is chosen as part of the magnificent 12 nobody is more surprised than Mack himself. Along with his bodyguard and a few others of the 12 Mack must travel all over the world, find the others and save the world from the Pale Queen all in a matter of 34 days. No worries! He leaves a golem in his place at home and the footnotes from [...]

    27. Book 2 in the epic adventure of a completely inept hero on a quest to save the world from evil! I love the humor in these books, shifting between dorky and snarky. I love that the main character, Mack's, strongest skill is fleeing, and he's still under the wing of his former bully. By the end of this book, Mack has meet 4 other of the Magnificent 12, one of which is working with the bad guys. I feared this series might get stuck in a pattern rut, but The Trap is just as funny and action-packed a [...]

    28. If you' read the first I'm fairly sure you'll want to keep up with the series. The Magnificent 12 books are funny, action-packed and you'll never know what's going to happen next. I didn't enjoy The Trap quite as much as The Call because it was just sort of a "filler" book filling you in on some background details and collecting a few more of the Magnifica. I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

    29. I really liked this book. It is hilarious and easy to read. I read this in two days. This is the first fictional novel that I have read voluntarily since childhood. It is a little confusing when the Golem speaks because he repeats himself. But other than that, I really enjoyed reading the entire book.

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