Always Neverland

Always Neverland School has only been out for one whole day and Ashley can already tell her vacation is going to bore her to tears With her friends out of town and her parents working nonstop she finds herself alone

  • Title: Always Neverland
  • Author: Zoe Barton
  • ISBN: 9780061963254
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • School has only been out for one whole day, and Ashley can already tell her vacation is going to bore her to tears With her friends out of town and her parents working nonstop, she finds herself alone and with nothing to do until one night she wakes up and discovers Peter Pan in her bedroom, wrestling with his shadow.Since his original adventure with the Darlings, PeterSchool has only been out for one whole day, and Ashley can already tell her vacation is going to bore her to tears With her friends out of town and her parents working nonstop, she finds herself alone and with nothing to do until one night she wakes up and discovers Peter Pan in her bedroom, wrestling with his shadow.Since his original adventure with the Darlings, Peter Pan has been bringing new Wendy girls to Neverland to take care of the Lost Boys But Ashley s made of much tougher stuff than the Wendy girls before her she d rather befriend the mermaids or fight Captain Hook and his pirate crew Creating new adventures for her friends, Ashley is bringing change to Neverland and not everyone is happy about it.

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    1. Initial Response Okayys, I really want to write a Peter Pan retelling nowTHEY'RE SO MUCH FUN.School has only been out for one whole day, and Ashley can already tell her vacation is going to bore her to tears. With her friends out of town and her parents working nonstop, she finds herself alone and with nothing to do--until one night she wakes up and discovers Peter Pan in her bedroom, wrestling with his shadow.Since his original adventure with the Darlings, Peter Pan has been bringing new "Wendy [...]

    2. I'm really not sure if my overall coolness to this book was that:a) we really don't need another re-do of Peter Pan, especially since the Dave Barry/Ridley Pearson ones were so good.b) that this is just kind of okay.It was completely passable, and would likely scratch the right itch for the right reader, I think, but very little of this story or much of anything about it really stuck out for me, which I suppose says everything that needs to be said.

    3. Content (contains spoilers): Two crude/crass words used once or twice. At the end it's not quite clear whether or not a certain pirate is eaten alive by a certain crocodile or not. When I first opened this book, I had a little trouble getting into it—iPods and polaroid’s in Neverland? But after the first chapter I found the story and myself slipping smoothly into a magical getaway. This book hit all right feels that you expect to find in a Peter Pan story, and instead of leaning on the moder [...]

    4. Let me make this clear before I get a bit 'passionate' about this story; this was not a bad book. At some parts I was really interested in the story. However, at other times, I was counting down the pages until I could get this over with. First off, Ashley.was no Wendy. Or Molly Aster, for any Peter and The Starcatchers fans. Or Sarah for any Bridge to Never Land fans. She was more memorable than Jane, though. Do you see what I am trying to say? She was not as memorable as any of these 'Wendy gi [...]

    5. I love reading books I think my daughter may enjoy, and it doesn't hurt that by doing so, I explore their content and can tell if it's appropriate for her age I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a huge fan of all things Peter Pan, Neverland, Tink, Lost Boys and Wendy, this really appealed to me. And as a woman who was raised to believe she was strong, independent and self-reliant, this is a great story of a girl in a boy's world, who isn't content to let that be the status quo. A funny read with [...]

    6. I couldn't decide between 2 or 3 stars. On the one hand it was a light fluffy read but I had no time to sit and read it so I couldn't appreciate it fully. At times it felt like a bunch of mini adventures in Neverland rather than one big plot which was ok but wasn't what I was looking for. The ending felt very cheesy & a bit of a sell out. Not bad but not stellar.

    7. I loved the fact that the adventures of Peter Pan are still alive and strong. Move over Wendy Darling, there's a new girl in Neverland. Very good book!!!!

    8. Always Neverland was a fun addition to the Peter Pan tale. I especially loved that Barton didn’t try to change the tale of Pan, but rather, added to it. Ashley is a descendant of Wendy so the original story did happen but Always Neverland is an entirely new adventure. I adored Ashley. She’s young, but she proves her worth among the Lost Boys and Peter. She refuses to be like the other Wendy Girls just watching the Lost Boys and being a Mother. Plus, she won’t take a simple no from anyone. [...]

    9. At first I was a little put off thinking, 'Oh, it is just a remake of Peter Pan,' and considered not finishing it. But I kept on going and found that really enjoyed the story telling. Ashley is a descendant of the original Wendy Girl and gets taken to Neverland by Peter to be the next mother for the lost boys. It is a perfect, clean and innocent book that I think a lot of girls in the 8-12 age would enjoy.As much as I enjoyed the book, I'm still on the fence about the message being sent. Ashley [...]

    10. I would have absolutely loved this book when I was 8. As for right now, it was good and super cute but obviously not the most well written book ever. I actually really did not like Peter Pan, the author made him super arrogant and almost selfish a lot of times. He was the only one that really bugged me. I loved the little girl who was super tough and didn't want to be their mother, just wanted to play with the boys. I also loved how she slowly won everyone over who didn't like her at first. I am [...]

    11. Before anything, I'd like to mention I'm sort of in love with Peter Pan. The movie, the book, you name it. That's probably the reason I felt this good was great. Other than that, I feel Always Neverland was very in tune with the real book. Ashley was a nice character, Peter's pride was well described, and the lost boys were rather cute. I totally bought the grandma Delaney story, and never would have guessed it was Ashley's mom as the Wendy girl who came with a picnic. I feel there were some thi [...]

    12. i loved how this book brought the idea of pretending into each chapter. i found the author's description of Neverland and Peter's personality also served a great deal in this, though i found there where aspects that that could have been worked on to make it a little more relatable. i felt i just couldn't connect with the main character and even though i am 15 it is a shame because i feel it shouldn't matter in a story. grate plot and idea though.

    13. On the up side Peter Pan gets put in his place by a girl (and finally the issue of "lost girls" is discussed). On the down side Ashley is not the most likable charachter. I don't know why: when I think about her character, I thinkabout how she is independent, willing to run with the boys, and a thoroughly modern girl. She might have been too much of a Mary Sue.

    14. It's obvious that Barton loved J.M.Barry's original story, but felt that Wendy should have been allowed to be involved in the adventures.The results are very heavy handed, and not original far as I know, the British children's hospital that Barry gave the copyright, still requires permission to use his characters.

    15. I thought this book was very fun and exciting. The characters were wonderful, and the plot wasn't boring for a second. It's one of those books that you could read over and over again, and probably will. I would recommend this book to anyone 9+, if you like adventure, this is a very pleasant book to read.

    16. Always Neverland is about a girl who, one day, goes to Neverland. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys call her 'Wendy Girl', and expect her to be dainty and proper. However, she's the most surprising Wendy Girl they've ever heard of. She befriends a mermaid, crosses swords with Hook, and is carried away by Tinker Bell and her fellow fairies.Ava-2017

    17. Definitely a good book for younger readers. I enjoyed it myself quite a bit, though it was certainly childish. It was just a set of fun adventures with no huge and complicated plot. I found it relaxing to read and was smiling the whole time I read it. :)

    18. Can't put it down. A great addition to the Peter Pan legacy. Instead of changing things Barton does a great job of she just continues the story. A great read for younger readers or anyone interested in fairytales.

    19. This book was just meh. I didn't really care for Ashley at the beginning, she seemed quite selfish, but she got better by the end of the book. There really wasn't anything wrong with the book, I just didn't enjoy it that much.


    21. So I am basing this on my rating, not what I think Abby thought of it. I really wanted to give it a 2 as to me it was just ok. But it's about PETER PAN. How do you give Peter Pan a 2. So I gave it a 3 :-)

    22. 3jeeb! loved it! made me want to write my own Peter Pan & Wendy story, or at least go to Neverland!

    23. I've tried like four times and can't get past my dislike of the main character. I won't try again. I have better use of my precious bookshelf space.

    24. This book was about an eleven year old girl named Ashley. It was very good. I really enjoyed Ashley's spirit and modernness. 5 stars.

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