Ritual in Death

Ritual in Death When a high society party is crashed by a naked knife wielding blood covered man who thinks he might have killed someone Eve Dallas must track down the crime and the criminals Everything points to

  • Title: Ritual in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When a high society party is crashed by a naked, knife wielding, blood covered man who thinks he might have killed someone, Eve Dallas must track down the crime, and the criminals Everything points to Satanic ritual, but Eve doesn t believe in devil worship.

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      231 J.D. Robb
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    1 thought on “Ritual in Death”

    1. This one's very good for a novella. I wanted more. The storyline is very interesting. A ritual killing of a young woman as a sacrifice. The ever logical Eve is up against a group who worships Satan. "People want to worship the devil, be my guest. Hell, they can have horns surgically implanted on their forehead. But then they've just got to slice somebody up for their human sacrifice and drag me into it".I want more of this storyline :)

    2. When Lieutenant Eve Dallas was suddenly confronted by a naked man who staggered through the doorway of the posh hotel room where the New York elite were partying, covered in blood and clutching a blood-stained knife, the least of her problems were the shoes she was wearing. They will killing her, but it seemed someone else had died, and Eve swung into cop mode immediately.With Roarke by her side, and hotel security staff as back-up while her team made their way to the hotel, Eve discovered viole [...]

    3. 4.5 stars The best novella in the series to date. Eve is at her best when she's pissed off, and here the ritualistic killing of a young woman has her spitting fire. You know who ever did this is in for it when even Dr. Mira is so angry she's willing to bend a few rules! There were enough possibilities here for a full length novel, nonetheless, this quick read still packed a mighty punch.

    4. Nice to see Isis again. Gruesome murder this time, too. Love it :)I like how quickly I can get through the novellas, but I also enjoy the more fleshed out stories in the full length novels. I wish the author would give us something in between. I know she's capable. I'm just having difficulty plowing through 400 page novels at the moment.

    5. I don't like Isis from Book 5 and all her "connection" to Roarke from past lives. I enjoy Eve's skepticism because I am of a like mind. The "paranormal" elements are interesting but this novella was rushed and odd for me. Not my favorite but I absolutely love the full-length novels so no complaints here.

    6. This is one of the better of the novellas. I like the pace and plot of this story and the paranormal is kept to the minimum. This is the story of a murder in a hotel room (666 or 606) and Eve's quick solve of that murder.

    7. Ritual in Death by J.D.Robb is a short novella in the In Death series coming after book 27. Eve and Roarke are at a high society party when it is interrupted by a knife wielding naked man covered in blood. Another fabulous book in the series with all the usual elements this time involving satanic rituals. Hard to put down once you start.

    8. In Death: 27.5Timeline-wise, it is still pre-Louise bachelorette party. Isis from book 5 makes a reappearance, though her role was a bit cringeworthy. I have not been impressed with the recent short stories in this series. The author makes an effort to add a touch of the paranormal/supernatural to make them a little different than the full size stories, but Eve's rampant skepticism doesn't allow for any glimmer of credibility. The case here felt rushed and slapdash, the motive unbelievable, and [...]

    9. I actually listened to this audiobook the day I had my LASIK surgery. The narrator who reads these books, Susan Erickson, is very talented. I normally don't care for audiobooks but she does a fantastic job of making the books distinctive. My only issue was her Peabody voice, which she made slow and country. It made Peabody appear stupid, and I found it an insult to people from rural areas, as if they all speak slowly and country just because they're from a small area. The way she does that voice [...]

    10. This short story resolved way too easily. Still, I like how all J.D. Robb's shorts have paranormal elements. It's just a little bit different from her full novels. It's funny though that when Roarke and Eve go to some fancy do, it always ends up with murder! *grins** * *Как обычно, расследование в одной из повестей автора разрешилось слишком уж быстро и удобно. Всё-же мне нравится, что она внос [...]

    11. This was another good, but brief, episode in the wonderful In Death series. This time a blood-covered man holding a knife shows up at a cocktail party attended by Eve and Roarke at one of Roarke's hotels. Further investigation determines that some sort of satanist group was involved in the death of a young woman in an adjoining suite. And when Roarke discovers that a couple of his employees were involved in the cover-up, he's furious and becomes involved in the investigation. This is a typical p [...]

    12. Way too short, but still intense.It definitely had a potential for a longer book.Love Eve, always and forever!

    13. I love these books and they can sometimes be hard to read because of the content. Mostly I can deal because it's fiction, however, this murder really made me angry. What an absolute pointless waste. Some poor girl lost her life because of some pumped up egotistic losers and their stupid devil worship.I've met sociopaths before, who really believe their own hype. They only have power because people give them power, following them around doing their bidding because they are too stupid and weak to [...]

    14. baru semangat ngereview roarke & eve nihEve paling bete kalo disuruh ke pesta dengan gaun yg lebih banyak menampilkan kulitnya dibandingkan menutupi ditambah dengan stiletto yg hanya membuat kakinya kram & susah untuk dipake lari.tapi setidaknya stils membuat matanya sejajar dengan roarke, mata biru indah yg selalu membuatnya terpesona.Eve sadar sebagai istri Roarke dia harus diharapkan membaur & bersosialisasi dengan siapapun.tapi dia tidak diharuskan untuk menyukai orang2 tersebut [...]

    15. 4 StarsJD Robb really does excel at providing fans of her In Death series with engaging novellas in between full-length stories. Things start off quickly as always when a party that Eve and Roarke are attending is interrupted by a bloodied man screaming about murder. This sets off a creepy investigation which has Eve enraged on behalf of the murder victim.Because of the shorter page length, the actual mystery does really last that long. Eve has everything figured out early on in the story, but s [...]

    16. The prolific JD Robb has throughout the 21-year span of her popular “In Death” series spelled us fans in between her full-length novels with novellas to keep us interested. These are not the newly-found teaser works of many current authors, who are really just marketing introductory chapters of their pending “best seller”. “Ritual”, published in 2008, starts when a blood-covered naked man wanders into a hotel party being attended by Roarke and Eve. She naturally goes into detective m [...]

    17. Lieutenant Eve Dallas's boring evening of socializing amongst the New York societal elite of 2060 becomes suddenly more interesting when a naked man covered in blood and carrying a knife crashes the party. In Suite 606 of The Palace Hotel, Eve discovers a woman who has been ritualistically murdered in a manner with Satanic overtones. The novella length case guest stars the wiccan priestess Isis who provides information to Eve before cleansing the area of the evil done therein. Eve's access to a [...]

    18. Pretty good, but not one of my favorite in the In Death series. It was a fun, short read. I guess what I didn't like about this book is that there wasn't much of an investigation. It was mostly just magical type things to help solve the case. I was happy to find out that (view spoiler)[ Jack didn't really kill Ava. He did blame himself for her murder, but he was drugged up and pasted out while the others killed Ava. (hide spoiler)]

    19. Interesting visit to the land of Lt Dallas and Roarke! In this novella we find Dallas and her ever steady sidekick Peabody searching for the vicious killers of a young woman that has ritualistic overtones. Is the grounded Dallas really up against vicious demons or has a group of crazy people gone wild! As with previous novella's in this series, there is a touch of the paranormal at work and it's quite entertaining and still fits in well with the rest of the series.

    20. I'll drink your blood in a silver cup Another test for our Lieutenant Eve, the pragmatist, to believe the all the rituals of death. I can't help smiling imagining Eve watching Isis doing "I'm a goddess"> You'll love this fast read, tamed Eve wearing heels and attending the rich and the famous glamour and still death.

    21. 3.5 STARS"When a high-society party is crashed by a naked, knife-wielding, blood-covered man who "thinks" he might have killed someone, Eve Dallas must track down the crime, and the criminals. Everything points to Satanic ritual, but Eve doesn't believe in devil worship.…" (From )An okay In Death novellat a favourite.

    22. Great short story, and somewhere I read somewhere that wondered why Roarke couldn't get into the suite, well, why would he have the codes for that room on him? He was there for a party, that's why he had to break into the suite. Great book, creepy, and a lot of murderers, and yeah, great short story!

    23. Great short that took us back about to the two year mark in Roark and Eve's relationship. Boy have they evolved over the series! Very entertaining novella! Glad I'm getting to these!

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