Missing in Death

Missing in Death Investigating a woman s disappearance on a New York City ferry Detective Eve Dallas wonders if she didn t jump and she s not on board then where in the world is she

  • Title: Missing in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: None
  • Investigating a woman s disappearance on a New York City ferry, Detective Eve Dallas wonders if she didn t jump, and she s not on board, then where in the world is she

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    1 thought on “Missing in Death”

    1. Eve helps me every single time to break out of a reading slump. Every freaking single time!!!You may love or hate her. But she is without any doubt a very strong and badass woman. I looooooooove her!!! 💝

    2. "It takes more than skill and duty to make a good cop, to my way of thinking. It takes an unfailing sense of right and wrong." That's Eve in a nutshell :)

    3. With the Staten Island ferry meandering its way across the harbour, and over 3000 passengers on board, Eve Dallas couldn’t work out what had happened, and why she’d been called to the scene. She was on a launch with Peabody, heading to the ferry which was stopped halfway across, because a woman was missing. When she was taken to the crime scene, and saw the amount of blood which was present, she had no hesitation in pronouncing the person dead. But the problem was, there was no body…the mi [...]

    4. I think this may be the only In Death book I've ever not enjoyed. This is the second one of the novellas that I've listened to in audio and I didn't like the narrator the first time around and I still don't like her with this book. I can't stand the voice she uses for Peabody, which makes her sound like a stupid hick, and the narrator mispronounced words like "secret" (she instead pronounced it as "secrete". So someone was going to "secrete" the body. No no no) and "macabre". I know macabre isn' [...]

    5. Roarke ~ "It takes more than skill and duty to make a good cop. takes an unfailing sense of right and wrong"Eve ~ "Yea, but it's a hell of a lot easier when they don't overlap."I can't remember ever saying this before but, the plot of Missing in Death was too big for a novella. Fleshed out properly it had the potential of being a stellar full length novel. With spies, government agencies, high tech weaponry, missing people, and murder - it was an In Death home run just waiting to happen!! Add in [...]

    6. #29.5 in the amazing In Death series, ably narrated by Susan EricksenThis is a brief novella, with a bit of a different spin. Dallas and Peabody are called in because of a missing woman from a ferry. But the blood found is not hers, so a murder is suspected. Eve gets involved in searching for a hired killer, with Roarke's help. There are ties to her past connection to Homeland Security, which makes the case more personal. I was a little confused when the espionage got a little involved, but I fo [...]

    7. Ik heb blijkbaar iets gemist in dit boek, want de relatief hoge beoordelingen wijzen uit dat de meeste lezers dit wél een goed verhaal vonden. Maar jeutje wat was dit boek saai, simpel en oppervlakkig. Ik lees nu pas dat het een 'kort verhaal' moet zijn (met de lengte van de hoofdstukken verbaast me dat) en wellicht verklaart dat voor een deel het gebrek aan diepgang, maar van een 'murder mystery' is absoluut geen sprake. De eerste enkele ster die ik hier uitdeel en ik heb NO REGRETS! :-D Behal [...]

    8. This story originally appears in the anthology The Lost but in all honesty, I didn’t read the other stories. I usually don’t read anthologies because the stories are too short for my liking and don’t seem to satisfy. Also, they are usually part of a bigger series and they don’t seem to flow with the rest of the series they are a part of. But when it comes to Lieutenant Eve Dallas, Roarke, Peabody and the gang, a little bit of a story is better than nothing. I love this series so much and [...]

    9. I love this series as a whole but this novella really struck the right note with me. I'm constantly amazed by Eve's growth and loved the decision she made at the end. I wasn't sure which way she'd go.

    10. This wasn't a paranormal spin on the .In Death mystery series as the previous and future short stories, it was on the side of sci-fi mixed with spy thriller, complete with a device that could do wonders for humanityor be a weapon used for evil. With that said, the key to unlocking the mystery was Roarke and to a smaller extent, Sommerset - so yeah, another blast from the Urban Wars memory vault. The book was a little boring for my taste, and there wasn't much for Eve to do police work wise. It w [...]

    11. Spooky good read! Ha ha. Emotions, puzzles, breadcrumbs, vortexes, flirting, surprises, and some tough decisions. A great read that hooks you, reels you in, and doesn't let go. I loved the whole thing (even though it was short) and the ending was perfect, if a little hard. Tense and page-turning. Another great read in a series that never lets go. You'll definitely get 'Lost' in this book. :) Enjoy!!!

    12. A tourist enters the women's restroom on board of a Staten Island ferryd disappears. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to the scene, thanks to the restroom being covered with blood, but the blood doesn't match the missing woman's blood typeAnd then the woman resurfaces, her memory missing the past hour.What has she witnessed? Why has she forgotten it? Who does the blood belong to? And where is the body?Definitely my least favorite of the series. I just sort of zoned out somewhere past the half mar [...]

    13. Listened to this on CD while driving. Super "read", as with the other books in the "In Death" series. Yes, it was short, as it's only an "in between" story, but all the intensity is there, along with all our favorite characters. The only "downer" was that I didn't like the audio depiction of Peabody, nor the pronunciation of her name by the reader. I've been away from this series too long and it's about time that I got back to it!

    14. This was a confusing one. I would have liked to known more about how “the Lost” worked and it could have been clearer about how the killer actually got off the ferry. Plus I thought Eve was a little out of character at the end. The novellas was also not geared for new readers to the series. If you haven’t read Divided in Death, you’ll be missing a lot of context.

    15. 3.5/5I love how Nora always tries to play with her novellas just a little bit more. It's not about plausibility, but instead about having fun while writing a short story. In this regard Missing in Death has certainly delivered. Recommended.* * *Я люблю как Нора Робертс всегда старается немного поиграть со своими повестями и завести их в кросс-жанры. то у неё происходит что-то парано [...]

    16. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other books in this series. It was only a novella so maybe that's why. A woman has no memory of the past few hours. She actually walked in on a murder that took place in the bathroom on a tour boat. There is a huge mystery of how the killer got off the boat, but it was actually quite simple how he got off.Eve ends up letting the killer go as he killed for retribution against the same agency that did not protect Eve as a child.

    17. A short story where Eve has to solve a possible murder on a ferry with the body missing.An interesting case involving (view spoiler)[spooks and spy gadgets and a weird connection between the killer and Eve's past (hide spoiler)].Next in the series comes Fantasy in Death.

    18. This book definitely had the spook factor! However, the premise behind that spook factor was a bit far fetched. The mystery wasn't all that great in this book, with nebulous associations with assassins, but I found myself wishing it had gone into more depth with the main villain. While this was a quick read, I didn't find it necessary to further my enjoyment of the series overall.

    19. Great short story, which has both a heartless assassin, and one whose had his heart broken. Great mystery, and it was a great twist at the end!

    20. The cookie offering might be the end of the Eve and Summerset's bickering. But I am quieting myself of how justice is served here.

    21. I've been in he hospital/rehab due to a fall and have spent the past 4 weeks without a computer - but with my Kindle! So I have been reading a lot and am giving an arbitrary date to my finish date.

    22. I can't get enough of the In Death Seriesd part of that hinges on Susan Ericksen's performance when narrating.

    23. audiobookStory: B, Narration: AThis is not a review. I'm just jotting down my thoughts and recollections for personal future reference. Spoilers ahoy.So, this is yet another book I'm reviewing too long after the fact and, thus, have forgotten many of the details--which is the sole purpose of my doing them. But, here goes:A tourist on the Staten Island Ferry goes missing after accompanying her son to the bathroom and to get some food. He comes out of the bathroom and she's not there. The adjacent [...]

    24. in this installment Eve is called to a possible homicide. The story quickly unfolds and shows an entirely different side of Eve. she decides how to serve Justice without taking it to the courts. probably my least favorite read of the series so far.

    25. Oh I am so enjoying re-reading this series, am devouring all the stories, long and short. This was only a short novella, but still held the normal elements that you would expect from a Dallas and Roarke novel.

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