The Baker's Wife

The Baker s Wife Before Audrey was the baker s wife she was the pastor s wife Then a scandalous lie cost her husband a pastoral career Now the two work side by side running a bakery serving coffee and baking fresh

  • Title: The Baker's Wife
  • Author: Erin Healy
  • ISBN: 9781595547521
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before Audrey was the baker s wife, she was the pastor s wife.Then a scandalous lie cost her husband a pastoral career Now the two work side by side running a bakery, serving coffee, and baking fresh bread But the hurt still pulls at Audrey.Driving early one morning to the bakery, Audrey s car strikes something or someone at a fog shrouded intersection She finds a motorBefore Audrey was the baker s wife, she was the pastor s wife.Then a scandalous lie cost her husband a pastoral career Now the two work side by side running a bakery, serving coffee, and baking fresh bread But the hurt still pulls at Audrey.Driving early one morning to the bakery, Audrey s car strikes something or someone at a fog shrouded intersection She finds a motor scooter belonging to a local teacher Blood is everywhere, but there s no trace of a body.Both the scooter and the blood belong to detective Jack Mansfield s wife, and he s certain that Audrey is behind Julie s disappearance.But the case dead ends and the detective spirals into madness When he takes her family and some patrons hostage at the bakery, Audrey is left with a soul damaged ex con and a cynical teen to solve the mystery And she ll never manage that unless she taps into something she would rather leave behind her excruciating ability to feel other s pain.

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    1. The Baker’s Wife is a suspenseful thriller steeped in religious overtones. What started off slowly quickly turned into a gripping mystery. I really enjoyed this novel of good verse evil.Protagonist, Audrey Bofinger, works to heal the wounds of her family and community. With her husband, ex-pastor Geoff, they open a bakery. She is blessed with a gift, or curse, to recognize when others need her help. One foggy morning, on the way into the bakery, she hits a scooter. The scooter is destroyed and [...]

    2. The BAKERS WIFE by Erin Healy was not at all what I was expecting. While it was a suspense/thriller it also falls into the Christian Lit genre. The fact of the matter is that the Christianity aspect is not only germane to the plot it is an integral part of it as are the subjects of pain, loneliness, guilt, and sanctimony. All of women in this story, Miralee, Diane, Julie and Audrey have spent the better part of their lives running away from the emotional traumas of pain and guilt. Audrey, the ce [...]

    3. With the Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy, I learned something about myself! This is a mystery with rich with religious and psychological issues. The characters are drawn with beautiful detail. I found myself identifying with the main character, Audrey Bofinger. I tend to feel the pain and hurt of people deep within myself. Audrey does this to an extreme and uses “her gift” to get into missing person’s thoughts and feelings so deeply that she can figure out how to find them. She was so worn fr [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book, the mystery element kept me reading and what made it even more compelling was God’s guiding hand in solving the mystery. Audrey is able to feel the weight of God’s arm on her shoulders guiding her to someone in her community who is in need in some way. She uses this gift to bring bread she and her husband have baked on his day off from being a pastor. She comforts and spends time with those who need that extra bit of attention, until an act occurs that costs her h [...]

    5. Erin Healy, editor-turned-novelist, knows fiction from the inside out. She spent many years as an award-winning fiction editor working with such renowned novelists as James Scott Bell, Melody Carlson, Colleen Coble, Brandilyn Collins, Traci DePree, L. B. Graham, Rene Gutteridge, Robin Lee Hatcher, Denise Hunter, Randy Ingermanson, Jane Kirkpatrick, Frank Peretti, Lisa Samson…and the list goes on. (Wow.) In 2002, she began working with rock-star novelist of the supernatural, Ted Dekker, editing [...]

    6. Complex doesn't even begin to describe this book. I think this would be great for a discussion group because there is endless material --- from the plot twists, all the characters and their relationships to each other and reactions to their situations, and the spiritual applications of all the above I think the book could provide quite a lot of fodder for intelligent debate and discussion.For the most part the character populated her world with some interesting and even mysterious characters. S [...]

    7. Before Audrey Bofinger was the baker's wife, she was the pastor's wife. Now this pastor's wife is suspected of murder. Murder of the Julie Mansfield, whose body has now gone missing immediately after Audrey's car hit her motor scooter, leaving behind a pool of Julie's blood in a thick fog early one morning. Until the fog clears, no one can seem to find the body, yet the evidence clearly shows someone has apparently been injured if not killed. So just where is the body?The thing that complicates [...]

    8. Wow.A great book.Simply, How far will you go to protect and save a love one?I bought this on the 8th, at a little store in the local truckstop. I have bought quite a few books there, and have never been disappointed. This one was certainly no different.I picked it up on the 9th, read about 10 pages, but was really tired and went to bed. Yesterday, (the 10th) I picked it up, and completely finished it. All 341 pages. I simply could not put it down.This book truely illustrates how we are all inter [...]

    9. This was a strange book that I had trouble tracking with, at first. I finished the introductory chapter and then after not "getting" it, reread it again, then one more time as it finally made sense to me (the tie-in,) but that wasn't until I reached about page 100. I found the whole concept and premise a bit oddat the main character had the ability to feel someone else's pain. And when that mirror-mirror on the wall scene happened it was a bit freaky. I loved the idea of the story about a hostag [...]

    10. What happens when the police find a large amount of blood at the scene of a wreck but no body? Audrey and her husband have always enjoyed baking bread and sharing it with the hurting in their town, so when they are forced out of their position as pastors of a church, they open a bakery, where they can continue to share bread. On a foggy morning, Audrey hits a scooter on the way to work. The police arrive to find a large amount of blood but no body, and Audrey becomes a suspect.Tensions rise as t [...]

    11. I had no idea that this was a book that revolved around a faith that provides joy and responsibility. None of the book's blurbs mentions that this book is really about Audrey's, the baker's wife, relationship to God and everything that happens is seen through that filter. I don't object to religious fiction but I would like to know that's what I'm going to get when I pick up the book. The plot is interesting. Audrey's husband was a pastor when a member of his congregation gets him dismissed from [...]

    12. I received this book as a gift during the middle of the semester and decided to wait until break to read it because it was labeled as suspense. Although the book did not necessarily hook me from the start, after a few chapters, I did not want to put the book down. At first, I was intrigued the characters and found many of them interesting. With a mystery established in the beginning, the book kept me guessing throughout. When the book took an unexpected turn in the middle, I was even more drawn [...]

    13. I truly enjoyed reading The Baker's Wife by Erin Healy. I won't sum up the plot because I'm sure that other people have already done that on here, so I'll just chat a bit about what I liked about it!1. The suspense held up for the entire novel. Some plot turns were somewhat predictable, but the mystery surrounding the scooter wreckage had me pretty much baffled.2. Jack Mansfield gave me the CREEPS. I congratulate every author who succeeds in making me *that* uncomfortable when I'm reading.3. Aud [...]

    14. I received this book as a giveaway. The story begins with an accident in which the victim is nowhere to be found. Audrey, driving through the fog hits a scooter belonging to Julie, the wife of a local police officer, Jack. Jack has driven Audrey's husband Geoff out of his role as minister. They now run a bakery in town. For Audrey her faith is in healing and sharing in the pain of others. She does this along with the gift of bread. In many ways their ministry is fulfilled through their bakery. [...]

    15. I didn't realize this was categorized as 'Christian' suspense before I bought it. I most likely would not have bought it if I had - I strongly dislike preachiness and didacticism. Happily, there was very little of that in this story. It was an interesting take on how people of strong faith deal with adversity, and the mystery works quite well (although one 'forgotten' detail was pretty unrealistic). I did feel that Jack was a bit lacking as a character - his dialogue especially was so un-nuanced [...]

    16. I had a difficult time getting into the book. Being a pastor's wife who has seen mistreatment of pastors and their families and known legalistic people who seem to ignore or try to kill the lovely truth of God's grace and forgiveness, it was uncomfortable reading. The mystery of Julie's disappearance was captivating and once I got connected I wanted keep reading. I'm thankful our God is not the one Jack conjured up. The book reminds us all that if we are believers we are only sinners saved by gr [...]

    17. Wow! This author does suspense right!!!! I was gripped from the beginning and physically affected with each chapter. I've not had such an intense reading experience in a long time, with the exception of Healy's "afloat" that I finished yesterday. I did not know these books were categorize as "Christian" or I wouldn't have read them but the use of religion and God in these stories really speaks to my own upbringing and touches my spiritual relationship with the God I've come to know as a spiritua [...]

    18. I don't read too much Christian fiction because I'm always worried the book will be packed full of religious mumbojumbo; that's just not my thing. That being said, every so often I'll come across a book within the respected gene that catches my eye for some reason; usually a good-sounding mystery plot will peak my interest. The Baker's Wife wasn't too bad a book, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping. One thing I can say it made my mouth water with all the talk of baking bread.

    19. I personally really liked this! There were some bits and pieces I had figured out and others that I was anxious to find out. The ending wasn't totally satisfying to me which was the only major disappointment.

    20. I added this book because of Carol Wong's review. I felt it might help me understand my own feelings of guilt when I decline to participate in other people's needs due to my own need to protect myself, and also, it looks like an ensemble book which I want to learn to write.

    21. This book had a great mystery in it and at the same time had a wonderful message in it. This is definitely a story worth reading

    22. This was such a good book, I couldn't put it down! I usually don't get through a book this quickly, but it was such a good read! I am looking forward to more books by this author.

    23. Audrey and her pastor husband are pushed out of their church when wrongfully accused and scandalized by an elder of the church, Detective Jack Mansfield. In faith they open up a bakery and try to put the pieces of their lives back together. One foggy morning Audrey and her son are driving and hit a scooter covered in blood but no body is found. Its soon revealed that the scooter belongs to Jack Mansfield's wife, Julie and he begins to harass this family, determined to force an admission of guilt [...]

    24. I enjoyed listening to this book via CD! Just like the three bears, sometimes the porridge was too hot, sometimes the porridge was too cold and then at other times it was just right. What I mean is there was a level of spirituality that could go either way! You had your Holy Rollers, your nonbelievers and your believers being led by the spirit. I loved the stories within the story of repentance, discovery, self righteousness and forgiveness! The plot was well written and at times I heard the voi [...]

    25. Amazing. Redemptive This book spoke to so many issues. I felt pity and compassion for multiple characters. Erin Healy has a way of making us see things from a different point of view.

    26. I liked the intensity and suspense that this book offered. I also appreciated the spiritual aspect that was brought into it without being over the top or too corny. I did find it interesting even though it was somewhat predictable it still was filled with mystery and suspense.

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