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Finish This Book From the author of Wreck This Journal a collaborative creative journey where you complete the bookDear Reader One dark and stormy night author Keri Smith found some strange scattered pages abandoned

  • Title: Finish This Book
  • Author: Keri Smith
  • ISBN: 9780399536892
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Wreck This Journal, a collaborative creative journey where you complete the bookDear Reader,One dark and stormy night, author Keri Smith found some strange scattered pages abandoned in a park She collected and assembled them, trying to solve the mystery of this unexpected discovery, and now she s passing the task on to you, her readers.Your mission is tFrom the author of Wreck This Journal, a collaborative creative journey where you complete the bookDear Reader,One dark and stormy night, author Keri Smith found some strange scattered pages abandoned in a park She collected and assembled them, trying to solve the mystery of this unexpected discovery, and now she s passing the task on to you, her readers.Your mission is to become the new author of this work You will continue the research and provide the content In order to complete the task, you will have to undergo some secret intelligence training, which is included in this volume Since no one knows what lies ahead, please proceed with caution, but knowis book does not exist without you.Yours truly,Keri Smith

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      461 Keri Smith
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    1 thought on “Finish This Book”

    1. I dont like the decoders. They have been pissing me off for 2 days. I might quit the book for that reason alone since the instructions specifically tell me not to skip ahead and if i cant do the task to pass it along to someone who can.

    2. When I first laid my hands on this book I was extremely excited about it: another book to keep me occupied/give ideas! Another that I don't necessarily have to read from cover to cover, but can scribble in too (I happen to enjoy that kind of thing). The problem with the book is that Smith draws you in and then drags out the "suspense" to the extent that you KNOW you're being conned into something! It's all well and good to try and copy a Narnia idea, with childhood fantasies and the like, but as [...]

    3. What a fun book, and creative on so many levels.You literally go through the book doing tasks to help "finish the book". At first I wondered where it would all lead, but all good things must come to an end. And it did.It took a while to get there, and some serious work on my part, but it was worth it. I learned a lot about exploration and collecting and did some ponderous thinking throughout the book. I really love books that challenge you or your mind.I don't think everyone will have the patien [...]

    4. Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISONSeguindo a linha parecida com seu livro anterior, a autora de ‘Termine Este Livro’ volta com um novo projeto, onde os leitores poderão interagir com o livro e nesse processo descobrir mais de si mesmo. Dividido em 4 partes (Treinamento de Espionagem, Métodos de Documentação e Observação, Procedimento de Exame de Artefatos e Manual de Intruções), o livro trás em cada uma de suas páginas ideias, sugestões, informações onde você deverá [...]

    5. Originally introduced to Keri Smith by a colleague, I struck upon this particular title and ordered it in hopes of encouraging my once enthusiastic writer of a middle son. "I hate writing," he announced a few weeks ago in the car. "Wha??" I asked while skillfully maneuvering the car away from the guardrail. "Yeah. My teacher makes us follow all sorts of rules and we HAVE to brainstorm a certain way. If we don't, then she gets mad. I used to be able to fill pages and pages up with my stories. Now [...]

    6. Cuando este libro llego a mis manos sinceramente no sabia que esperar, lo habia visto en muchos canales de youtube españa y la realidad es que los libros de Keri Smith me gusta mucho.A comparacion de otros titulos de la autora, este libro en particular creo que es un poco mas estructurado porque nos cuenta una historia de la que nosotros somos parte ya que tenemos que terminarla, por lo tanto no podes ir salteando hojas como en otros libros. La idea general del libro la verdad es que me gusto m [...]

    7. Highly recommendable. Smith will make you feel like a real secret agent trying to solve a mystery, but not until you finish your training! I haven't finished it yet but I'm looking forward to it.

    8. at the start of this book i thought it is serious. only to discover that it's a kids book.but to be honest i really enjoyed it. i haven't finished it all but it's a funny book.i wish i could give it to my child someday. a good usage of time for a kid. ;)i enjoyed being a 5 years old kid once more at this age ;)

    9. I've been working on this book for a couple years, fitting in tasks when the time is right. This is not meant to be a pick-and-choose task book, but a sequence. I'm sure I'll have more fun as I continue. :)

    10. Sweet and fun. I'm not sure I'm the intended audience, but I'm thinking of attempting to build my own secret playhouse anyway. (In other words, this is something plenty of adults could learn to love.)

    11. To enjoy this book's potential, you should probably be a kid who lives by a forest. Not me. This was still fun though, and I did enjoy some of the training.

    12. Another fun book from Keri Smith's that I really enjoyed. I enjoy her books a lot as they're all just for pure fun and are not seriouswhatsoever. This is a great book for whenever you're bored or just need something to take up or pass time for whatever the reason may be.

    13. When I first saw this book on a book store, it just caught my entire attention and couldn't leave it behind so I bought it. I found it interesting and I made the decision of finish it little by little.Well, 10 months later: I have!! :)I think its a very personal book, that makes you go through different tasks in order to accomplish several goals. Even though its was quite TEDIOUS at times, I'm glad I gave some of my "precious" time to STOP and look around me, appreciate nature, observe, take an [...]

    14. I randomly found this book while I was at Barnes & Noble and immediately got excited. I thought I had found a unique and fun interactive book. As most people would be I considered skipping to the end of the book and seeing what the surprise was, but instead decided to buy it and do it right. I should have just skipped to the end. The books builds you up for a mystery that isn't there, in the end it just promotes tree hugging and making a fort in the woods. Sure I see the goal in maybe tryng [...]

    15. I think keri smiths books are amazing! from wreck this journal to the imaginary world of ______. I love these sort of things and I love writing and making up things, these books keep me occupied and quite for ages. I particularly like this one because it gets you thinking doing the codes and researching different words.

    16. This book is a very cute way of using your creative mind. I feel it would be of good use in a creative writing classroom. While I found it to be a little too cute for me, others may enjoy it. I gave it 3 stars because it does have some redeeming qualities, just not my cup of tea. I received this book through Early Reviewers to give an honest review. That I did.

    17. Interesting idea, and interesting that there is apparently a need for such ideas at present. can we only have creativity childhood-style? Or maybe those who can be creative without needing games just do not need such books

    18. It's really a cool book. When I first saw it, I was like 'what's that?'. I am an adventurous person and I think that's the reason why I liked it. Though I haven't finished it yet, I recommend this book to those who want to have an adventure, specifically solving cases.

    19. it would be unfair to write a review on this book because this type of books are - really - not for me but for someone that actually enjoys scrapbooks I think it is actually well done.

    20. I love the idea of how she makes these books, with all these ideas and things to do in them. Not my favourite, but definitely amazing

    21. Pensé que era diferente. Me aburrió me quedo con Wreck this journal (aunque sean dos libros bien diferentes).

    22. I am a fan of Keri Smith- love these interactive books. Each page has a new and intriguing task for the 'reader' - definitely redefines the idea of 'book' or 'journal'.

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