Reality and Dreams

Reality and Dreams Tom Richards has fallen off a crane while directing his latest movie The Hamburger Girl fracturing some ribs and a hip A comic procession of doctors nurses and relatives files through his hospita

  • Title: Reality and Dreams
  • Author: Muriel Spark
  • ISBN: 9780395838112
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tom Richards has fallen off a crane while directing his latest movie, The Hamburger Girl , fracturing some ribs and a hip A comic procession of doctors, nurses, and relatives files through his hospital room Another director replaces him at the studio, and everything in his cinematic dream is being changed the screenplay, the title, the plot Tom is baffled and furiousTom Richards has fallen off a crane while directing his latest movie, The Hamburger Girl , fracturing some ribs and a hip A comic procession of doctors, nurses, and relatives files through his hospital room Another director replaces him at the studio, and everything in his cinematic dream is being changed the screenplay, the title, the plot Tom is baffled and furious His children s marriages are coming apart, and who can be certain of his own People everywhere are losing their jobs His real life and his creative life become ever displaced while he gradually recovers his health, his balance, and his natural imbalance Tom s shrewd wife, Claire their daughter Marigold, for whom Tom has ambivalent feelings his beautiful daughter Cora, by his first marriage and his lovers, family, friends, and colleagues all find themselves revolving in a sexual and economic maelstrom that gradually results in violence What we are doing, Tom tells his film crew at last, is real and not real We are living in a world where dreams are reality and reality is dreams In our world everything starts from a dream.

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    1 thought on “Reality and Dreams”

    1. A featureless effort from the mistress of the concise comedic novel. A cast of unlikeable twerps swan around having automatic affairs, and an unloved daughter flees the family bosom for a few months, to scant interest. Paper-thin plot and half-arsed characters, coupled with an earnest tone (as a vicious satire this might have worked—Spark seems to want us to empathise with these odious people) sink this late-career sigh. Three stars for the Sparkness, and for seeing me to bed with the satisfac [...]

    2. REALITY AND DREAMS. (1996). Muriel Spark. ***1/2.After reading this late novel by Ms. Spark, I got to wondering who was the main character. The obvious choice was Tom, the film director who appears early on in the book as a victim of an accident on the set of his latest film. He was aloft in a crane – directing from a height – when he miscalculated his step and fell to the ground. He managed to break several ribs and damage his hip. We meet him in the hospital, and get to meet many of the ot [...]

    3. Tom Richards was on top of the world.He was a film director, at the top of the highest, shouting orders through a megaphone and watching his world moving under his command.But something went wrong – a wheel moved when it shouldn’t – and he tumbled back to earth.He was no longer a god, he was just a sixty-three year-old man with a fractured and twelve broken ribs, trapped in a hospital bed and having to watch the world move about him with no direction at all.People swirled about him.Nurses. [...]

    4. A movie director, injured while on set, soon finds his real and creative lives in conflict, as are the economic and sexual aspects of the lives of his family, friends, and colleagues. Muriel Spark is unsubtle here: this really is a book about reality and dreams. Normally I think of plot as secondary in a Spark book, and focus more on her excellent writing, keen wit, and sharp observation. But she was trying something completely different in Reality and Dreams, and her plot intertwines the real a [...]

    5. This is the first book by Muriel Spark I have read and it was a shocking disappointment. I came to her work expecting the literary excellence promised both by her reputation and by the blurb of this book.Unfortunately, this (mercifully) short novel is actually one of the worst I have read. A cast of crashing bores, bolstered by a family fortune, exchange painfully unrealistic dialogue and each other's sexual partners in an ever more preposterous storyline. The ludicrous conversations and inner t [...]

    6. Totally forgettable book. I'm getting rid of books that I've read today. The only reason I know I've read this one is that I have a spreadsheet that says I have. (Plus I'd already given it a 3 rating on GR.) Picked it up, looked at it, concluded quickly "toss".That's not to say that I may not have enjoyed the read at the time, it was probably okay. But even though it's very short, not worth taking up 1/4 inch of shelf space. If you see it at a garage sale for two bits, go for it.

    7. A quick, easy, pleasant read in the Muriel Spark style. Better books by Spark are Momento Mori, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, the Public Image and Symposium. All the characters have affairs with others and their partners (apart form one!) generally seem okay with it. The protagonist is Tom Richards, a famous movie director in his 50s, married to Claire who comes from a very wealthy family. They have a daughter, Marigold who is an unusual daughter who doesn't understand why Tom and Claire are st [...]

    8. Happened upon, thanks to Kindle, a Muriel Spark novel I'd not read. What a delight to read her again. This book, about a movie director, wealth and redundancy is a pure charm. It seems as potent and important today as it did when it came our in the late 90's. It is a mischievous probe of the makers of dreams--film people--and those who dwell, so far beneath them, common man, yet share the common adoration, and envy, the quasi-religious devotion of the rich and famous. Have a desert of a read, Sp [...]

    9. The first book I have read by Spark, a humorous yet frivolous affair about humorous yet frivolous people circling around the orbit of a famous film director, who begins the book in hospital after a serious accident in a camera crane.Tom Richards is said protagonist, using his time of convalescence to think about how to finish his latest film, plan future projects and meet with members of his extended family. He has an open marriage with his current wife, as well as an ugly and hateful daughter, [...]

    10. Sometimes you read a book in which there are many, many bad things, but one or two great things make up for it. Sometimes you read a book with which there isn't much wrong, but also nothing really right. 'Reality and Dreams' is like the latter. The characters are interesting. Something seems to be being said. Unfortunately, the interestingness of the characters isn't greater than usual, and whatever is being said is so weakly said that it probably wasn't worth saying, unless the point is that th [...]

    11. It's not bad, I just didn't really like it because it seems like a dead novel. It lacks emotion (I can't believe I'm complaining about lack of emotion! What's happening to me.), which is usually compensated with intelligence in better novels, i.e. if you can't feel then at least you can think.I hate when people describe things as 'bourgeois,' so I really hate myself for having to use that word in description of this book. Conclusion: Don't bother. But I still want to read Spark's other books, be [...]

    12. Soon after I started this story about people involved in the film industry I discovered that I'd read it before - years ago. Flipping pages quickly to get to the end I then looked at the back cover to see who had praised it. The quotes of respected authors were there with one of them even recommending it as book of the year. That was a gentle reminder - once again - that many such quotes are just friendly ways of helping friends sell books. You have to read them at least a few grains of salt.

    13. After a three-month hiatus, I returned to reading novels (yay!) with this brisk little book. It centers on a movie director whose creative process often feels more stable and tangible than his private life, which becomes increasingly strange and illusory as the story goes on. It’s also one of those oddball British comedies of manners in which the characters are totally flip about marital fidelity, parent-child relations, etc. yet regard art with life-and-death seriousness. Amusing, admirably r [...]

    14. A weak Muriel Spark is still worth something. She did seem out of touch somehow. Perhaps writing about the life of a movie director was too much of a stretch. Perhaps her strength is portraying life in London during and after the war (Girls of Slender Means for example.) Or perhaps Miss Brody in her prime was so remarkable that nothing else can measure up. But these characters didn't possess the presence or even the believability that informs her best work. My advice: pick another Spark please.

    15. This book was and odd mix of mild/forgetable and intriguing. I read it quite quickly and enjoyed it while i was reading, but when i put it down i instantly forgot about, to the point where at one point when i thuoght, "i'm bored, i should read - oh yeah, what am i reading again? that book but whats it about?" which is not my usual relationship to books. By the end of it, it was more present in my mind and interesting. I'm not sure i'd go out of my way to recommend it to someone, but would be sor [...]

    16. Popularny reżyser Tom Richards spada z dźwigu podczas pracy nad swoim najnowszym dziełem „The hamburger girl”. I w zasadzie tyle mogę napisać o fabule, cała reszta to krewni i znajomi zachowujący się to odpowiedzialnie i jak na uczciwych obywateli przystało krytykując z brytyjską powściągliwością tych, którym zupełnie odbija (stąd morderstwa, zdrady i zniknięcia).Czyta się świetnie, Dame Muriel jak zawsze błyskotliwa, tnie ostrzem ironii po ludzkich charakterach.

    17. As ever Muriel Spark's writing is engaging, here though personally I found the topic of her novel, the egotistical and vapid film world, less interesting. At times Spark shines through with acid remarks which made me laugh aloud and at times I could not wait to finish the book and be done with the boundary problems shared by the director, "his" actors and rich spouse.

    18. I enjoyed most of this immensely, but I thought the ending just kind of petered out. The work might have been better without any story to it, rather than the one that was tacked on after about 100 pages.

    19. didn't really like this one. good thing it is a very short story. though i do like this quote: We are living in a world where dreams are reality and reality is dreams. In our world everything starts from a dream.

    20. I have never read anything by Muriel Spark before and this caught my eye. In retrospect it may not have been the best place to start. It was enjoyable enough - shades of Martin Amis in a dark comedic way, but nothing fantastic.

    21. Are all movie producers/directors crazy? This book's characters were too interesting to not care about them, messed up as they were .

    22. foolish people following their desires without consideration for anyone else; some good writing wasted here

    23. I began this about ten years ago and didn't get very far. This time it still seemed to start slowly, but I began to like it reasonably soon.

    24. What you might have come to expect from Muriel Spark; no more, no less, but I will probably read it again. It's thin and easy.

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