Tsomo's karma

Tsomo s karma Een jaar na de dood van haar moeder besluit de vijftienjarige Tsomo een reis te ondernemen naar de tempel om daar haar moeder de laatste eer te bewijzen Op die reis maakt ze kennis met Wangchen een

  • Title: Tsomo's karma
  • Author: Kunzang Choden Manon Smits
  • ISBN: 9789044514483
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Een jaar na de dood van haar moeder besluit de vijftienjarige Tsomo een reis te ondernemen naar de tempel, om daar haar moeder de laatste eer te bewijzen Op die reis maakt ze kennis met Wangchen, een ontmoeting die bepalend zal zijn voor haar leven.Hun huwelijk is verre van gelukkig Vanwege de vernederingen die Tsomo door hem moet ondergaan, besluit ze het dorp te verlatEen jaar na de dood van haar moeder besluit de vijftienjarige Tsomo een reis te ondernemen naar de tempel, om daar haar moeder de laatste eer te bewijzen Op die reis maakt ze kennis met Wangchen, een ontmoeting die bepalend zal zijn voor haar leven.Hun huwelijk is verre van gelukkig Vanwege de vernederingen die Tsomo door hem moet ondergaan, besluit ze het dorp te verlaten Dit is het begin van haar grote reis, waarvan ze nooit zal terugkeren De reis brengt haar steeds verder door Bhutan en India Het is een confrontatie met de wereld in het algemeen en met de pre moderne Bhutanese samenleving in het bijzonder, een reis waarin ze groeit als persoon, maar vooral ook als vrouw.In samenwerking met Oxfam Novib.

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    1. È un romanzo abbastanza semplice come trama, che racconta la vita di una donna bhutanese e delle tante prove che affronta, ma che offre uno spaccato di vita interessante su un paese lontano di cui non sapevo quasi nulla. Tsomo è una donna di campagna, a cui è impedito l'accesso allo studio sebbene suo padre sia un religioso laico e quindi un insegnante nella loro comunità, si innamora di un uomo già sposato che la mette incinta e la segue nel suo villaggio, ma che (view spoiler)[dopo la nas [...]

    2. An object lesson as to why I haven't read much fiction lately: if I come across an excellent book, I will neglect everything else but that book.Lent by a curator and read because I'm reluctant to carry a borrowed book, it holds attention where other books would have lost me. Simply put, I dislike the easy roman a clef, the hard-life story, the Buddhist travail drama. This is, to be sure, some of that, all of that, and none of it as well.The book concerns the life of Tsomo, an uneducated Bhutanes [...]

    3. E io che avevo temuto scioccamente il Bhutan quale tappa potenzialmente improbabile del giro del mondo letterario… Il piccolo Stato asiatico abbarbicato sulla catena himalayana mi ha regalato un romanzo solido, leggibile, certamente interessante.Mi sembra una costante nelle mie peregrinazioni letterarie intorno al pianeta: per un motivo o per l’altro, finisco per capitare spesso attorcigliato a storie di figure femminili che stanno cercando l’emancipazione da tradizioni millenarie, baggian [...]

    4. [Around the World challenge: Bhutan] This was a great book about a young girl leaving her cheating husband and native land to go on a spiritual journey through Bhutan, India and Nepal. Tsomo may be uneducated but she's clever and compassionate, and reflects on women's condition in a way that sounds very familiar, even for a reader from across the globe. The books also gives a pretty interesting insight on Buthanese culture and traditions.

    5. The Circle of Karma: readwithstyle.wordpress/20The story follows the simple and uneventful life of Tsomo – the uneducated daughter of a priest in some unnamed village of Bhutan, who dreams of studying religion alongside her brothers. Even though it’s the 1950s and Bhutan is supposedly in the process of government regulated modernization, Tsomo’s place is as far away as possible from the books and as close as possible to the kitchen. The young girl attempts to follow in her mother steps and [...]

    6. [#96: Bhutan] This is the story of Tsomo, a young girl who was born in rural Bhutan and who's longing for education. This is the story of her journey through Bhutan, India, ans Nepal as she seeks spirituality and self-knowledge. It's truly a wonderful book: Tsomo is an endearing character who is clever and passionate. You learn a lot about the culture and traditions in this part of the world, and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the reflections on feminism and solidarity that felt very fami [...]

    7. I you are planning a trip to Bhutan than you should read this book. During my trip in Bhutan I met the writer. A very friendly person who owns a very interesting museum.

    8. This is an impressive book as it is the first one by a female author out of Bhutan. Learnt a lot about Bhutanese culture.

    9. An awesome piece! A piece of reality. It broke me all long, besides I have come to realised the simple dynamics of life and to understand life/people better.

    10. This book tells the life story of Tsomo, an illiterate woman from rural Bhutan. Tsomo’s life takes her to places she never expected – India, Nepal, Bodh Gaya – and through experiences that are unusual, to say the least. Although she was never able to learn how to read or write, she is a devout Buddhist. Illiteracy and illness cannot stop her from going on pilgrimages, or from becoming a devotee of Rinpoche, a refugee monk from Tibet. Or from finally becoming a nun toward the end of her lif [...]

    11. Ce roman d'apprentissage raconte le destin de Tsomo de son village natal au Bhoutan jusqu'à des sites sacrés de l'Inde et du Népal. Tsomo erre dans ces vallées Himalayennes, accumulant les malheurs et construisant une force intérieure. Nous sommes transporté dans une éthique karmique ou chaque heurt nous rappelle notre mauvais karma et la nécessité d'accumuler des 'mérites'.Des mérites, ce roman en a plusieurs. Il ne prêche d'aucun excès: ni de d'excès de réalisme, ni d'excès rel [...]

    12. Bhutanese, Buddhist, feminist ---all ingredients for a fine book. Another aspect central to the novel which really appealed to me was it features lots of travel by subaltern migrants and gives insight into how illiterate women working on road crews at the India-Bhutan border negotiate their way through Buddhist pilgrimage circuits (they have their own name for the Indian site Bodh Gaya where Buddha is supposed to have achieved enlightenment--they call it Dorjiten). These women are not wealthy an [...]

    13. I just simply loved it.I was able to feel the suffering of Tsomo, and all the things she went through during the years. Just based on my experience it was very difficult in India, Nepal and Bhutan to communicate with women, mainly because of language barriers. I think the author was excellent describing how many of these women think, feel and live their lives. While reading the book, sometimes I was lost in time, not knowing if actually the story took place in bygone medieval times or modern tim [...]

    14. Great to read about everyday life from an area where not much is translated and brought to the west. The main character Tsomo is one of the strongest and most interesting women in modern literature I have encountered. She goes through so much and is easily relatable with her constant questioning of her self and her purpose. I am wishing the copy I had access to was better edited, it was distracting to have to wonder what words the author ment to use (soap or soup? constitution or concentration?) [...]

    15. Un beau récit sur une région méconnue, le Bouthan. On se passionne pour le destin, le karma plutôt, de l'héroïne, partageant ses angoisses, ses joies, pas si éloignées des nôtres finalement. Je choisis souvent mes lectures de textes traduits en fonction du traducteur. J'ai choisi ce livre parce que j'avais entendu parler de la réputation de Sophie Bastide-Foltz, et je n'ai pas été déçue. Son Français est si beau qu'on a l'impression que le roman a été écrit dans cette langue. A [...]

    16. Written by a Bhutanese female author, this is the (fictional) life story of a Bhutanese woman who left her village as a young adult, and spent her life moving between various places in the area where Bhutan, India, Tibet, and Nepal meet. It is somewhere between a folk tale and a modern novel. I liked it a lot for its very lively account of the daily life of an illiterate but not stupid Bhutanese woman. It is somewhat feminist, but mostly very Buddhist.

    17. I read a Dutch translation of the book for the Spring Challenge 2013 of the Netherlands & Flanders group. For a review in Dutch, please see Spring Challenge 2013 (message 17).I really liked reading this book, as it not only tells the life story of Tsomo but it also taught me a lot about Buddhism, a religion I hardly knew anything about until now.

    18. This book is great for the detail of rural life and ritual in Bhutan that it presents (though admittedly in the recent past). The writing is nothing spectacular and the characterisation and pacing and development are all uneven. But it's an easy read, and I eagerly followed the narrator on her journeys.

    19. Vanaf de eerste bladzijde hield ik van Tsomo. In de proloog kijkt ze als oude vrouw met een goede vriendin terug op haar leven. Het wordt meteen duidelijk dat ze het niet gemakkelijk heeft gehad. Tsomo’s karma gaat over haar jeugd, haar huwelijken en tot slot haar leven als Boeddhistische non.lees verder op mijn blog:lalageleest.wordpress/201

    20. Un très beau roman sur la spiritualité, sur la vie et sur les différentes cultures de ces pays. Il se lit très bien et on suit la vie du personnage à travers son grand voyage de la vie. J'ai adoré l'écriture poétique de l'auteur, ce qui en fait une lecture moins aride à mon sens.

    21. There's the brilliant muted vibrant cover. And then there's the brilliant muted vibrant story.The Circle of Karma isn't merely fiction writing. It is a masterpiece.

    22. Een mooie inkijk op het roerige leven van een Bhutanese vrouw. Ik bleef nieuwsgierig hoe Tsomo's leven verder ging ondanks tegenslagen.

    23. A good depiction of how the concept of karma influences the thinking of the main character. I liked her story. Not great literature but written in an easy-going, storytelling style.

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