Tribesmen In the early s at the height of the ultra violent Italian cannibal grindhouse film craze a small international cast and crew descend on an isolated Caribbean island hoping to crassly exploit the n

  • Title: Tribesmen
  • Author: Adam Cesare
  • ISBN: 9781607779162
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the early 80 s at the height of the ultra violent Italian cannibal grindhouse film craze a small international cast and crew descend on an isolated Caribbean island, hoping to crassly exploit the native talent.But the angry, undead spirits of the island have a different, original script in mind And as horror after staggering horror unfolds, the camera keepsIn the early 80 s at the height of the ultra violent Italian cannibal grindhouse film craze a small international cast and crew descend on an isolated Caribbean island, hoping to crassly exploit the native talent.But the angry, undead spirits of the island have a different, original script in mind And as horror after staggering horror unfolds, the camera keeps rolling To the blood spattered end

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    1. When I was a derelict coming of age pain in the ass kid, when VHS rentals were popping up in every town, I would head straight for the horror corner where every title had a cover resembling this one.Five stars for the cover.This takes the film Cannibal Holocaust in a new direction, from the point of view of those making the film. All sorts of crazy shit happens that you will not find in film but it was done well; it was done right.I can't watch Cannibal Holocaust again (too graphic) but I could [...]

    2. With TRIBESMEN, Adam Cesare uses a despicable director, Tito, to take his small crew to a Caribbean Island. Once there, Tito plans on making a film to rival other Italian Cannibal films that have been in the market. (view spoiler)[When they arrive, however, they are greeted by an empty village--without the natives they expected to aid in the making of this horror film. What they find instead, is that the cursed island has plans to help them all on its own (hide spoiler)]Recommended!

    3. Cesare's debut novella recently re-released by Deadite Press is an enjoyable homage to the cannibal exploitation flicks of the late 70s/early 80s. Following a small film crew as they make their way to a cursed Caribbean island, Cesare effectively develops his cast of characters in a speedy fashion before putting them in harm's way.Though it ends up being quite a bit different to those cannibal films I referenced earlier, Tribesmen is an effective shocker and a hell of a debut book. I've read Ces [...]

    4. A lean and mean debut novella from Adam Cesare. There is no fluff in this one. Starts fast and continues it pace until the very end. Very well done. Highly Recommended for a bloody quick and entertaining read.

    5. Mean and a little too lean. Adam chewed his characters up and spit them out, bones and all. While I respect the fast and furious angle of the story, I could have used a little more sauce on the barbecue because it was bland. No special spices or tender meat that fell off the bones. I was served it raw and rare. Take it or leave it, the Tribesmen was a teaser until Adam serves up a full-sized treat.3 boneless ribs

    6. Hot damn, this was a great read. Unsettling and gory with doses of black humor. Cesare knows his stuff and is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. If you like exploitation horror flicks, you have to pick this up!

    7. One of the greatest rewards that comes from publishing Shock Totem is being able to watch young writers evolve within their craft. Even when I read something less than great from them, there remains something special about it. It’s in the knowing that they’re going to eventually come back with something that will knock my socks off, I think. There’s an it factor, involved—easy to see, but impossible to explain.And Adam Cesare has it. Tribesmen is Adam’s debut novella, and it’s a thin [...]

    8. Growing up I was always fascinated w/exploitation films, my dad used to take me to the drive in to see Convoy, Take this Job and Shove it, and other cheaply made films. When I was old enough to rent VHS I was drawn to the horror side of exploitation – I Spit on Your Grave, Cannibal Holocaust, Doc. Butcher M.D, etc.c… Adam does a great job paying homage to this genre of exploitation films from the 60s and 70s. He captured that gritty dirty feeling you get while watching this schlock. Adam is [...]

    9. Thanks to Eleven!5 people set off to film a trashy 'Cannibal Holocaust' ripoff and get more than they bargained for. Any more description would ruin the surprise elements of the story, so I'll leave it there. This novella was great- lots of gore but the characterizations were also surprisingly well done for a story this short. Great work on the new cover too.

    10. Cesare wastes no time building you up for the exciting tale he intends to share with you. I was hooked from the first page. The prose is concise and beautifully written, the characters are revealed in each chapter from their point of view which makes it about as intimate as a horror novel gets. The characters are all fully developed in a short amount of time and you are invested in what happens to each of them. It's a story of violence and vengeance told in a minimum of words with a maximum of i [...]

    11. After reading The first one you expect, I have made it my goal to read all of Adam Cesare's books and Tribesman reinforced the need to meet that goal. A short, and faced paced read, Adam doesn't waste time bringing out the violence. Recommended for any horror fan.

    12. Passable horror novella from Cesare about a group of second-rate filmmakers and actors travelling to an island to make a low-budget horror movie. Not much new or exciting here but it's a quick read and has a few moments. 2.5 stars bumped to 3 because it's well-written.

    13. Tribesmen was the second book I have read from this author. It was a perfect bite size serving of horror, and easy to finish in one sitting. The story starts off right away. We are given just enough world building to set the story up quickly, and I loved that. With a fast pace, and non stop action, this book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It definitely had an 80's horror movie feel to it. Joe Hempel was the narrator of the audiobook, and was perfect as usual. He does such an amazi [...]

    14. Tribesmen by Adam Cesare is such a fun horror book. I absolutely loved this book. This definitely felt like the author was honoring the edgy horror movies of the past while giving it a modern feel. There is a lot of gore and violence but it is never excessive. Rather it fits in the plot perfectly. The pace of this book is great. It moves along at a quick pace and I never wanted to put the book down. The characters were developed well and I felt they came across as real people. Overall this was a [...]

    15. Ostensibly an ode to the Italian cannibal film genre, Adam Cesare's stunning debut is as much Hollywood Boulevard as it is Cannibal Holocaust; a loving nod to exploitation film that never dips into exploitation itself. I was, of course, already a fan of Cesare's work from some of his later volumes and stories, but I figured it was high time to go back to the beginning and see where it all got started. I'm glad I did.

    16. This was my second book by this author and I loved them both, this had awesome character development especially for the length it was and the story was great. There is only one reason I didn't give it five stars. (view spoiler)[ I was disappointed that it never explained why the tribesmen had backwards feet or why the white men attacked and slaughtered the island to begin with. Did I miss something? Is it a movie reference? (hide spoiler)]

    17. This book is a high octane, needle in the red, horror thriller that grabs you by the balls and puts the hammer down. Although it is the perfect length, I wish I had more of it left to read. This is one of those instances where I really regret finishing a book simply because I want to stay in the author's twisted head a little longer.

    18. With "Tribesmen" Adam Cesare shows his love for the cannibal/exploitation films of the early 1980's. Cult Italian horror director, Tito Bronze, takes his crew to a remote island to film a cannibal film, but he doesn't plan for the dead islanders haunting his set with dire consequences. One of those books you literally blaze through. Cesare really is one to watch.

    19. When talking about contemporary horror authors you undoubtedly end up with a lot of bad apples in the basket but at the same time there are quite a few talented folks out there that keep the genre alive and well.While not able to compete with the more literary orientated heavyweights of the genre such as Laird Barron, Thomas Ligotti or Greg F. Gifune, Adam Cesare has nonetheless established himself as an author that stands for straight up no frills horror without any big ambitions for metatext w [...]

    20. There is something almost mythological about the film industry of the 70s. Maybe it was the tumultuous political climate mixed with an upheaval in cultural norms, but whatever the catalysts were, movies from that era carry a certain mystique when we look back on them. Especially, if you have any appreciation for cult classics and exploitation films. It seems Adam Cesare has a great appreciation for that era, and if not he sure knows how to fake it.Tribesmen is a tightly packed story of a small f [...]

    21. It's always nice to find engaging cannibal lit. Most of what I've sludged through focuses too much on the shock value while still lacking the punch of realism required to pull it off. Meat doesn't tear free from bone just because you use your teeth. We aren't dogs. It's one of the reasons I've never been able to get into zombies - it shouldn't be so easy! Especially when your victim still has four functional limbs with which to strike you/shield themselves. Chop something off, immobilize the lit [...]

    22. "Tribesmen" is a menacing beast of a novella and mines the seedy cannibal films as a backdrop for an original and engaging novella. I think my only quibble with the title was blowing through it in a day. The pacing was top notch and as a huge fan of 1970s Italian Ultra-violence Cinema, I absolutely appreciated the meta "behind-the-scenes" storylines and character background. What would make me ecstatic is if a Director out there would hire Cesare and adapt this novella to film. "Tribesmen" is a [...]

    23. I've been waiting a while to read this and decided to buy it on a whim since I figure, when better to read a novel like this than while flying on a tiny plane to a small tropical island in the middle of nowhere? The writing was good, perfectly serviceable, but I think in the end the shortcomings of the novel were really exacerbated by my expectations. This was quite a short novella and I think could have been great if fleshed out more into a full novel format which gave us really more insight in [...]

    24. Tribesmen, what can I say? I really dig Adam Cesare's writing. This one, about a group out to make a Cannibal Holocaust-type movie, has Adam trying on his inner-Laymon and inner-Keene. Both suit him well. At points, it reminded me of Laymon's The Woods are Dark, and Keene's Castaways, but ultimately, Adam's voice shines through. After reading and really loving his Samhain novel, The Summer Job, I was warned that this one was a little more nasty. While that is true, I didn't find it to be all tha [...]

    25. Being a fan of 80's B-horror flicks I very much looked forward to reading Tribesmen by Adam Cesare based solely on the description. I knew what to expect when I first delved into the pages but what I didn't see coming was a twist so far out of left field from the traditional cannibal stories I couldn't put it down. The characters are recognizable and hearken back to the glory days of this sub-genre and whether they met a grisly demise (no spoilers here) or Tribesmen is a quick satisfying read. P [...]

    26. Have been wanting to read this from original publisher. When I seen a small post it "Banned in 28 Countries." IMO for me says read this now. And at that it did not let me down. A camera, a cast of characters (that don't know what they are getting into), & some cannibalism torture. Gives this book a one helluva read. When the camera stats to roll, the Italian man comes walking. Chopping heads off and devouring his victims. But the turn in events were not suppose to go this far. A bloody story [...]

    27. Adam Cesare’s Tribemen is one of those short novels—much like the gross-out that is Cannibal Holocaust—that almost has a legend surrounding it. It was one of the first of only three titles to come out from the much-lamented Ravenous Shadows imprint that was spearheaded by splatterpunk legend, John Skipp. The books published by Ravenous Shadows—The Devoted, Die Bastard! Die!, and Tribesmen—were quick, brutal reads meant to be devoured in a two hour sitting. And then like most e-publishi [...]

    28. This is the third Adam Cesare book I've read and I totally enjoyed it! I started reading this one while we were vacationing in the Dominican Republic, which was the perfect setting to be reading this in! Although I've enjoyed reading about the sub-genre of cannibal horror in Evilspeak magazine, this is my first experience with it aside from seeing The Green Inferno, and I liked this book a lot more than that movie. I guess Tribesmen did what I expected it to do but it wasn't as sensationalized a [...]

    29. Started out as a five star, but didn't maintain. I didn't care for the direction the story line took, but it was still thrilling and very well written. Recommended.

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