The Testament of Vida Tremayne

The Testament of Vida Tremayne A lonely novelist A devoted fan A journal that speaks of unspeakable things Author Vida Tremayne lies silent in a hospital bed The forces which brought about her terrifying decline are shrouded in m

  • Title: The Testament of Vida Tremayne
  • Author: Sarah Vincent
  • ISBN: 9781910153109
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • A lonely novelist, A devoted fan, A journal that speaks of unspeakable things Author Vida Tremayne lies silent in a hospital bed The forces which brought about her terrifying decline are shrouded in mystery Meanwhile, her estranged daughter Dory is forced to abandon her fast paced city life to be by her mother s bedside Dory is resentful She hates the country and sheA lonely novelist, A devoted fan, A journal that speaks of unspeakable things Author Vida Tremayne lies silent in a hospital bed The forces which brought about her terrifying decline are shrouded in mystery Meanwhile, her estranged daughter Dory is forced to abandon her fast paced city life to be by her mother s bedside Dory is resentful She hates the country and she and her mother were never exactly close Luckily Vida already has a carer, the enigmatic Rhiannon Townsend A long standing fan of Vida s, Rhiannon is happy to take care of the bedside vigil Dory is free to resume her life Or is she Then she discovers her mother s journal Vida s chilling testament reveals the trigger for her spiralling into madness It also reveals the danger that still lurks close by A danger that will call on Dory s every reserve of courage if she s to free her mother, and maybe in doing so, to free herself.

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      248 Sarah Vincent
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    1 thought on “The Testament of Vida Tremayne”

    1. This is a great book – it is one of those I read off the back of many conversations with the author on Twitter and it has to be said I’ve had some great reads that would not otherwise have been on my radar without that particular social media black hole and I’m glad I did not miss out on this one.Vida is suffering a mystery illness and reluctantly her daughter returns to sit vigil – however there is more going on all round than meets the eye and Dory finds herself on a dark pathThis is a [...]

    2. I love discovering new authors - I especially love coming across a debut author whose work is so compelling you don't even realise how sucked into the story you've become until you look up and find you've been lost in the book for hours, this is one such book.In “The testament of Vida Tremayne”, the author has obviously drawn on her own experiences in the world of writing to create this darkly menacing story. It’s deceptive gentle pace belies the sinister under tones and menacing, macabre [...]

    3. A wonderful literary thriller. All the elements are there: the isolated cottage; the once-so-famous novelist, now forgotten and lonely; and the madly obsessive fan, who insidiously sneaks into the cottage, and turns the novelist’s life into a nightmare.Though you can read 'The Testament' as a pure suspense, it was the milieu I loved most: the descriptions of a writer’s career gone awry (in this the story is superbly reminiscent of Francine Prose’s Blue Angel), the difficulty of combining a [...]

    4. The Testament of Vida Tremayne begins with Dory arriving at her mother's cottage to sort out her affairs. Her mother Vida Tremayne, the award winning novelist, is in a catatonic state in hospital but there is no love lost between mother and daughter, Dory's been dreading this moment, she feels sick but why? Already I'm intrigued and curious. She's rarely visited the house on the isolated Shropshire-Welsh border since her mother moved there.She has a shock when she discovers someone living in the [...]

    5. Vida Tremayne, an author in her 50s, has been deserted. By her husband, for a younger woman, by her 30-something daughter Dory, for work and a hectic life in London, by her agent and publisher, by her inspiration and muse and even her fertility and womanhood as she goes through the menopause. It is into this lonely and empty life in the cottage that was the inspiration for Vida’s acclaimed novel, ‘The Gingerbread House’, that the enigmatic Rhiannon Townsend is invited. Is Rhiannon just a N [...]

    6. The beautiful writing in this book is matched by a gripping plot - think Stephen King’s Misery. When author Vida Tremayne descends into a catatonic state, her estranged daughter Dory arrives to sort out her mother’s affairs. Dory meets her mother’s seemingly attentive carer Rhiannon Townsend. Told from Dory’s point of view as well as extracts from Vida’s diary, what unfolds is a creepy, page-turning tale which kept me up late and made me burn several slices of forgotten toast.Just what [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book in the same way that I enjoy a night-time walk. It made me more alert, it heightened my senses and made me think in new ways about what I do as a writer. The characters were vivid and believable. At times I wondered about the device of the journal, whether it was really convincing, but it, and the rest of the book, is so well written that I abandoned my doubts well before the end. I would certainly recommend it, especially to people who like high-tension, well characterised p [...]

    8. ‘You can’t ignore the Muse. When she comes at whatever time of day or night, you must welcome her in and allow her to lead you wherever she will.’The Testament of Vida Tremayne is a novel by Sarah Vincent. Published in 2014 by Three Hares Publishing, I received my copy earlier in the Summer from the author. The cover of this book is so eye catching and as I was going away on holidays it seemed like the perfect read for the beach. I hope you enjoy my review.‘A lonely novelist,A devoted fa [...]

    9. The Testament of Vida Tremayne, by Sarah Vincent, tells the story of a faded writer and a supposed fan who inveigles herself into Vida’s life to offer practical care and help reignite her stalled creativity. It also explores the sometimes difficult relationship between a mother and daughter, the grudges that linger from childhood.Vida’s daughter, Dory, felt sidelined by her mother’s writing, resentful that their family life revolved around Vida’s need for peace and solitude in order to w [...]

    10. Crickey! Where do I start with this one?A terrific read from start to finish. Wonderful characters. Beautifully described settings. And a satisfactory ending for the main characters if not for everyone.

    11. The quite wonderful novel opens with Dory's arrival at her mother Vida's home on the Shropshire-Welsh border to sort out her affairs. Her mother, a novelist struggling to follow up her earlier success with The Gingerbread House, has suffered an apparent breakdown and is unable to communicate - although the two women have had problems communicating for many years. Dory is surprised to find another woman living in the house - Rhiannon, a friend about whom she had heard nothing previously, well set [...]

    12. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Vida has become trapped in her own mind, while Dory is trapped in the suburbia of her job. When Dory comes to clear out her mother’s house, in preparation of Vida never recovering, she finds a house-guest who witnessed Vida’s demise – but the truth is to be found in a series of journals.The novel starts out with Dory’s perspective, and yo [...]

    13. Vida Tremayne is a previously very successful author who has hit a block that she fears may be permanent. The prize winning novel she produced several years ago has long slipped out of the best seller charts. She lives in a ramshackle cottage somewhere on the Welsh border, unable to write and gradually sinking. Her husband has recently left her, her agent and publisher have given up on her, and her daughter, Dory, is in London, where she’s engrossed in the urban life and the property business [...]

    14. Set amongst the countryside of the Welsh borders The Testament of Vida Tremayne takes the age old story of mothers and daughters – which I always find so powerful – adding a psychological element. There is a wonderfully strong sense of place – which is always important to me as a reader and three fascinating women at the heart of the story.“It’s the moment of arrival she’s been dreading the most. She’s often cursed the three-mile-long track to the house; cursed it for its jay-walki [...]

    15. This book is full of a dark menace which snakes out of the pages and makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. One of those books which stays with you – it’s the morning after the last chapter for me and I can still feel it. The tale is perfectly reasonable but as the pages turn you find yourself feeling rather unnerved by it all. Gradually the chill sets in until suddenly a break for a cup of tea seems like a good idea. If you like to be spooked then this novel is for you – psych [...]

    16. This is a compelling, creepy, psychological thriller/suspense that drew me in from the very first page.A once-successful novelist, Vida Tremayne lies in a hospital bed, in a catatonic state after suffering a break down. Her daughter, Dory, reluctantly comes down from London to stay in Vida's house (called The Gingerbread House after Vida's most famous novel) after she hears of her mother's break down. When she arrives at the isolated Gingerbread House, however, she's surprised by the presence of [...]

    17. How did once successful author, Vida Tremayne, end up catatonic in hospital? From the very first chapter, you just have to know.Vincent presents us with an unforgettable cast of very real (and horribly dysfunctional) characters in this masterfully written tale. Despite being set in the gentle backwaters of the Shropshire borderland, the plot unfolds at a deceptively brisk pace. All of the settings, from Vida’s lonely cottage to the sleepy nearby town and the rolling hillside of the final showd [...]

    18. A dark and strangely compelling story Dory grew up to be exactly like her mother Vida: self-centred and entirely focused on her career to the exclusion of all else. One day she returns home to find Vida has suffered some sort of breakdown. She is in the care of her friend Rhiannon. If Dory is to have any hope of helping her mother, she must unravel Vida's reclusive life history and find out exactly what part her 'friend' had to play in her illness. Unbeknown to either of them, Vida kept a secret [...]

    19. I won this in one of the goodread giveaways, and am so glad I did. I was introduced to a new writer through a story that I just could not put down. The mystery of the story hooks you from the beginning and doesn't let you go. The writer does a fantastic job of writing the emotions so that you feel everything the characters are going through, and takes you on a journey for the truth. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thrilling mystery to read.

    20. It probably didn't get a fair crack of the whip because I was knee deep in other stuff but it was rather slow to build and really I didn't really engage with any of the characters

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