Unsafe Haven

Unsafe Haven Sooner or later you have to trust someone A new novel featuring new characters and a few old in the UK Post Apocalyptic series Surviving The Evacuation Set during the first nine months of the outb

  • Title: Unsafe Haven
  • Author: Frank Tayell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sooner or later, you have to trust someone A new novel, featuring new characters and a few old in the UK 1 Post Apocalyptic series Surviving The Evacuation Set during the first nine months of the outbreak, in Cumbria, Scotland and Wales There are no reported outbreaks in the UK or Ireland That is what the government broadcast Nilda didn t believe it Not Sooner or later, you have to trust someone A new novel, featuring new characters and a few old in the UK 1 Post Apocalyptic series Surviving The Evacuation Set during the first nine months of the outbreak, in Cumbria, Scotland and Wales There are no reported outbreaks in the UK or Ireland That is what the government broadcast Nilda didn t believe it Not trusting the authorities, she, and her son, Jay, stay behind when Penrith is evacuated After weeks of rationing, there is little food left in the small town in Northern England Soon, she discovers that there are many other survivors competing for it Choosing diplomacy over violence, she attempts to forge a community out of a disparate group, but as the number of the undead grow, she realises that they will have to seek sanctuary elsewhere Nilda travels north into Scotland, but death follows, and she is forced to leave once .Joining with others who have survived the evacuation, she finds not all of them have the same motives Some, like Tuck, Sebastian and the Abbot of Brazely only want to help Others, like Harper and Rob, only want to help themselves Whilst Chester and the new Mayor of Anglesey have their own agenda, one at odds with Nilda s quest to find a safe haven for her son.

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      189 Frank Tayell
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    1 thought on “Unsafe Haven”

    1. I feel like everyone is a little TOO connected, but I liked this story. It drags a bit here and there, but it's mostly MUCH better than the first three books. I love and missed Kim, so it was nice that she had a cameo.Nilda is cool, though. Jay was a bit meh, but he got better. I LOVED Tuck. Chester was cool.I'm willing to follow these characters for a couple more books.

    2. Now, that's more like it! I loved this fourth episode in Frank Tayell's post apocalyptic world as much as the first one. In Unsafe Haven the story goes back to the beginning and a completely new set of characters - single mother Nilda, her thirteen year old son, Jay, and her neighbour Sebastian. To say any more would be to give the plot away, but suffice to say it's every bit as gripping as the original story about Bill. We follow Nilda through her ideas and plans for survival and trying to get [...]

    3. For the fourth book in the series we take a break from the main narrative of the proceeding three, and follow events from the perspective of some new characters, most notably Nilda and her teenage son Joe. Through them we live through the early days of the outbreak, learning as they do, what is happening, as they go out and about, which Bill couldn't do with his broken leg, and without the background information that Bill had from his connections. This gives an entirely new view of the world as [...]

    4. I like Tayell's writing. I have been reading the series slowly [because I am cheap no, thrifty] but I got some "cash" for Christmas so here I am reading the fourth [so-called, if you don't count the short story]. Tayell has a thing against foul language and I do as well so he writes stories without foul language and I read them. I love that he proves the point I have tried to make over and over a good writer does not have to resort to cursing, blasphemy and crude language to tell a good story.I [...]

    5. This story continues on and has now achieved considerable depth not only in details but in its expansion from the previous main characters without causing any confusion in details or persons. A feat that not all writers can of achieve. The new 'main' characters develop well and the interaction is well written. There remains a lot of action to be told and there is direction to their 'wandering' to get to the mission objective. Editing errors seem to plague this story but the errors are few and no [...]

    6. Brilliant!I loved this installment. It broke away from the diary style of the previous books and told the story through the eyes of different survivors but using the same timeline. I really enjoyed finding out more about characters that were touched on during Bill's story and loved how both timelines eventually met. Can't wait to read the next ine.

    7. Would i survive a zombie apocalypse?I dont know if I could have turned into a survivor like model or grown up so quickly like jay or feel genuine sadness at the loss of a character

    8. A good readA good read with interesting characters and enough plot twists to keep me reading. The links to previous books and characters were almost like meeting old friends. A good book but not good enough for me to want to continue reading the series.

    9. Good seriesI like this series. It's the same as other zombie stories, but yet still different. Different characters in this book, but they are all tied together slowly. Can't wait to start the next one in the series!

    10. Good read, I don't normally like "diary" style books, but am actually enjoying these, they are all linked together and interesting how they connect

    11. Really enjoyed this story and the interlink with the previous three novels, can't want to start reading the next one to find out when, where and how Nilda will meet up with Jay and Tuck. XD

    12. Enjoyed this much more so than the previous books. I found Nilda to be a very interesting character and I identified with her throughout the series. Unsafe Haven renewed and increased my interest in the series.

    13. This is the fourth book in Frank Tayell's 'Surviving the Evacuation' series with a new set of characters facing survival after the devastating deadly virus unleashed on the world. The story begins in a small town in Cumbria, where Nilda and her son Jay decide not to trust the government's orders to evacuate and instead prepare for surviving on their own. As resources become scarce, she realises that the disparate group of survivors she seems to have accumulated need to split up in order to live, [...]

    14. So possible!I have never read a zombie book before and when I started the first book in this series it was with a bit of scepticism but I liked the style of writing so persevered. I'm so glad I did. I find the descriptions and the uncertainty believable and the fact that the first book started off with a single person trapped in a flat. I've just finished this fourth book and about to start the fifth. Because Unsafe Haven has a whole new set of people I did hesitate but again I was hooked in. Ni [...]

    15. Book four introduces new characters, mainly Nilda and her son Jay, and also Chester. Their stories start from the beginning of the outbreak, Nilda and Jay in Penrith & Chester in London. Nilda is an independent single mother living on the breadline withe her teenage son Jay. Chester is a shady character from London, newly escaped from an arrest. The story mainly follows Nilda and her quest to find a safe haven for her and her son as society breaks down in Penrith, alliances are forged to car [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book.I like that the author created new characters and showed the different choices they made at the beginning of the collapse.I disliked Nilda who has a abrasive personality,however I was able to connect with the other characters and care about their stories.It was nice to see how their lives intersect and influence the characters in the previous books.The narrator did an excellent job.I purchased the e-book,but received an audiobook from the author in exchange for an hone [...]

    17. I love the way this book is separate from, but linked to, the original Evacuation trilogy. Some familiar characters pop up, and we learn how other newer characters interacted with Bill and his companions in the past. As a lead character Nilda does a great job, although the way she lost her travelling companions and family left a very hollow feeling! On to the next now

    18. I started the book really liking Nilda's character. I LOVED how she had so many ideas on how to prepare for survival. But by the endI'm not sure I was on her side. Something I am loving about Tayell's writing is how he ties all the previous stories together. Each book brings another piece from a previous book into the puzzle. I can't wait to see what the whole picture looks like.

    19. The first book narrated by Nilda where we meet a lot of new people! No journal format from now on but equally gripping to read how the outbreak affected the every day people as opposed to people working with politicians.

    20. FavouriteThis was my favourite book up to now, there all good but just really enjoyed the whole story a bit more

    21. Really enjoying this seriesis one has two different narrators and it's interesting to learn of their experiences. Very fast-paced.

    22. Disappointing. It's as though he lost his editor. The narrative meanders with little rhythm and the cadences of speech are far, far away this one round :(

    23. A great ride!Just fantastic! Not writing more as I really need to follow this tale onto episode 5. Nilda is awesome! Zombies!!!!!!!!

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