When Watched

When Watched Core s nineteen stories set in and around New York City have an other worldly quality along with a deep seriousness even a moral seriousness What we know of identity is smashed and in its place tru

  • Title: When Watched
  • Author: Leopoldine Core
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Core s nineteen stories, set in and around New York City, have an other worldly quality along with a deep seriousness even a moral seriousness What we know of identity is smashed and in its place, true individuals emerge, each bristling with a unique sexuality, a belief system all their own Reminiscent of Jane Bowles, William Burroughs, and Colette, her writing glows witCore s nineteen stories, set in and around New York City, have an other worldly quality along with a deep seriousness even a moral seriousness What we know of identity is smashed and in its place, true individuals emerge, each bristling with a unique sexuality, a belief system all their own Reminiscent of Jane Bowles, William Burroughs, and Colette, her writing glows with an authenticity that is intoxicating and rare A National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 HonoreeWhiting Award WinnerPEN Hemingway Award FinalistLambda Literary Award FinalistLonglisted for the PEN Robert W Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction The Story

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    1 thought on “When Watched”

    1. I won this in a giveaway!Leopoldine Core has a way with words. "When Watched" is hands-down the best collection of short stories I've had the pleasure of reading. Wow. I felt so many emotions. Core's writing is poetic, brutally frank, sensitive, and highly entertaining. My favorite story was "The Trip", which made me laugh so many times. "The Trip" reminded me of my parents, and the way they used to bicker on road trips when I was a kid. I also enjoyed "Memory", "Hog for Sorrow", and "Teenage Ha [...]

    2. This brilliant, provoking, dark, beauty of a book is my favorite book of the year! It comes out on August 16th, 2016. Fans of Joy Williams, Mary Gaitskill, Paula Fox, and Miranda July, must read this collection. It's playful and daring. It's vividly written. Its lines sing with terrible truth and wonderful freedom. The stories explore relationships between characters, and characters' relationships to themselves, their pasts, and the shifting gel of reality. A triumph of feeling! Varied and uniqu [...]

    3. I felt like more than other story collections When Watched had a cohesive theme which was affection: wanting it, losing it, what it means. The stories themselves were great to read, I couldn't pick favorites after only having read it once.

    4. When Watched: Stories came to me at the perfect time; lately, I've loved reading collections of short storiesd Core's did not disappoint. The short stories focused on relationships, personal philosophy, and personal suffering. Orphans, When Watched, Teenage Hate, and The Trip were by far my favorites; once it's August, it's worth picking up When Watched: Stories for these four short stories alone! I'm thankful to Penguin Books for sending me an advanced copy to read almost two months before this [...]

    5. I received a copy of "When Watched" through Penguin in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to Penguin Books for the opportunity! By the end of the final story, I could tell that Ms. Core writes from the depths of her own life. As a writer myself, I could feel her struggles, her fears, her past, her desires, and more in each of her characters. Some of the stories are just "shots" in that they're a few pages long and help to transition between the larger stories. Oftentimes it's hard for me to s [...]

    6. I love short stories and this book did not disappoint! The characters and storylines are interesting, complex and genuine. The book handles some difficult and "risqué" topics and I loved how deeply the author went into some of these worlds with just a few pages of a story. Excellent and quick read I would highly recommend.

    7. This is the first book in a long time I wanted to read as soon as I woke up in the morning. (I'm a night reader.) I'm just sad it's over. Such realistic characters and moments, a subtle and understated exploration of the ways we hurt and love and hate each other. I'm a huge fan.

    8. One of the most satisfying short story collections I have ever read. Core gets straight to the heart of a feeling without piling on the naïve corniness. No bells and whistles here, just good, solid, enticing writing.

    9. GR reviewer Patti Cottrell puts it brilliantly when she describes Core's first book of short fiction "uncomfortable, sexy, repellent, funny & wise"I don't know how it happened that I've found myself reading quite a few short story collections these last few weeks. I am not always particularly fond of the form of the short story, but I tend to think people who are entrancing writers of short fiction are, in some sense, magicians. Philosophers and poets all at once. There is something so meand [...]

    10. I feel like if I read one of these stories in a magazine or anthology somewhere, I'd have liked them. But reading them one after the other in a collection like this becomes monotonous; same references (to the Beatles, Satan, etc.), same narrative voice, same types of peoples (roughly a quarter of the stories feature academics and/or writers as their protagonists). Core is a skilled enough writer, but it seems to me she's hesitant to leave her comfort zone.

    11. This book puts Leopoldine Core with fellow authors like Amelia Gray and Marie Helene-Bertino, whose stories make me fall in love again with the weirdness of the world. It's hard to summarize a book of short stories, except that I want everyone in my immediate circle to read these stories and feel the things I felt while doing so.

    12. I can't believe how much I loved this. It was the weirdest and most wonderful book. All the stories truly captivated me and taught me something.

    13. The way Leopoldine Core writes LGBTQ* characters is really refreshing. It's nice to see more representation in literature that isn't merely a novelty or a "token" side character to make a group seem more diverse. I was impressed by what she was able to do with so little. I feel like short stories rarely allow enough time for much character development but hers really resonated with me and I felt a connection to them. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed these.

    14. This is the first book I've read that was a collection of short stories and I was extremely pleased. Each story had you invested in the characters and relating the scenes to your own life. I was impressed with the writing on how it was straight to the point and of course, entertaining. Thank you to Penguin Books for sending me an advanced copy.

    15. I thought the writing was decent but this book didn't appeal to me much. I didn't care for the characters and I found it hard to care about what was going on in the stories. I liked the final story the best of the lot.I won this book in a first-reads giveaway.

    16. This book is stunning. Not many people can channel Jane Bowles. In fact, I can think of two: Sheila Heti, and now Leopoldine Core. Her stories are uncomfortable, sexy, repellent, funny & wise.

    17. (This is a hard book for me to rate with a number of stars - I didn't love it on my first read of it, but I felt compelled to read it again so there was clearly something there. Some of the stories didn't do much for me, but the writing is overall very good and the stories that worked for me really worked. 3.5 stars, rounding up?)Despite it coming highly recommended from a close friend, I found myself feeling sort of resistant to this book of 19 short stories at first. I think partly it was that [...]

    18. Subtle and lovely, often sad, often funny, with beautifully-drawn characters. Some of the very shortest stories (2-3 pages) felt a bit slight compared with the longer ones, which seemed as rich and deep as little novels. I especially loved "The Trip" and "Historic Tree Nurseries" and "Paradise." Leopoldine Core's ability to make believable, lovable-but-not-always-likable characters of all ages really struck me - the older middle aged couple in "The Trip" and the older of the two women in "Histor [...]

    19. Those two stars might be missing solely due to my perpetual fatigue when reading about aimless skinny artistic women trying to grow up in NYC. I also partially blame this fatigue for making me recoil at the last two stories, tongue-in-cheek Writer's Life anecdotes that, to me, detracted from the collection's wholeness. That being said, there's something really, really compelling about Core's stories' chattiness and candor, and every few stories she delivers a line that makes my aimless Midwester [...]

    20. 4.5 starsI absolutely loved every story in this book - a beautiful collection that really captures and illuminates every day experiences and emotions

    21. I had my favorites: the underside of charm; teenage hate; orphans; & like baby. Warning: This book is for adults only & contains extreme violent or graphic adult content or profanity &/or sexually explicit scenarios. It may be offensive to some readers. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one. A very awesome book c [...]

    22. One of things I loved most about these stories is that Leopoldine Core doesn't shy away from telling us exactly what her characters are thinking and feeling. This is a book, really, about inner lives. There are moments of joy, a rarity in short fiction, I think. There are moments of terrible pain and loneliness, but Core holds us up with her sparkling writing. She is funny and original. I was so impressed with the fact that many of these stories are so short, but the characters are fully alive. [...]

    23. a few beautiful moments in this book, but overall it was the worst thing i've read in a long time. too many one-line "revelations" that made me cringe-- the author seems to be obsessed with how beautiful her own thoughts are, but i found almost nothing in this book impressive, or substantial, or unique.

    24. I love short stories and this collection is my favorite. The stories were heart wrenching and the characters emanation of hopeless longing jumped off the page so beautifully. Core is a beautiful poetic writer.

    25. When you don't have something nice to sayep quiet; but to me many of these stories were flabby and all could have been tighter.

    26. "Margo stormed off. She brought the corn chips to bed and ate them slowly, staring into space weary with thought. She sensed in that moment that she would never be an adult, not in the manner she had envisioned for herself as a child. This is never going to end, she thought. All this wanting.""She had a bunch more cigarettes as she walked on. She felt the air kissing her ears and neck and thanked God for it. She could only thank God for a few things, the things that were always good to her. beca [...]

    27. Mary Gaitskill is my favorite short story writer, fullstop. If you're a fan of Gaitskill, Leopoldine Core's first collection When Watched: Stories will remind you, too, of everything there is to love about the Because They Wanted To writer.Even though the word "authentic" makes me want to vomit (almost as much as "artisanal" does), it's the perfect way to describe why When Watched feel so textured and true. I felt like I was reading snippets from assorted diaries (albeit of people who write real [...]

    28. I really stumbled onto Core's collection of short stories and was oh so pleasantly surprised. The swing of going from like a fast paced teen high fantasy to these short glimpses into the lives of New Yorkers was startling for sure but also very welcome. The author plops the reader directly into distinctively intimate moments--directly after sex, in the middle of a fight, and often in the midst of a character's thought process. The stories in When Watched cover people of all ages, genders, sexual [...]

    29. If I owned this book instead of checking it out from the library, it would have immediately found a spot on my Favorites Shelf.  It was so powerful, melancholy--intimate.  The stories included were tinged with sadness and anxiety in a way that reflects my own sadness and anxiety.  The people detailed were people I could see at the grocery store, be friends with, or be driving next to, and that is the honest beauty of these stories.  Leopoldine Core has a way with words that resonate to the c [...]

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