The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles de Rais

The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles de Rais A recreation of the Bluebeard story which follows a French Army captain formerly in service to Saint Joan of Arc executed in Brittany in The list of his crimes include witchcraft heresy sacri

  • Title: The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles de Rais
  • Author: Robert Nye
  • ISBN: 9780349102504
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • A recreation of the Bluebeard story which follows a French Army captain, formerly in service to Saint Joan of Arc, executed in Brittany in 1440 The list of his crimes include witchcraft, heresy, sacrilege, sorcery, the evocations of demons and the practice of unnatural crime against children, ending with their murder for his delight.

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    1 thought on “The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles de Rais”

    1. This was an excellent semi-fictionalized account of Gilles de Rais (a.k.a. Bluebeard): ultra-wealthy knight and lord, heroic leader of the French Army, devout Christian, companion of Joan of Arc, satanist, and murderer of between 80 and 200 children taken from the various surrounding villages that he presided over. Told in the first person by Father Eustache, who really did serve under de Rais, it expertly melds fact and fiction to produce a terrifying account of perhaps the most brutal and horr [...]

    2. A delicious psychological study, using heretical theology to plausibly explain how a man could be both the heroic champion of Joan of Arc and the perpetrator of abominable crimes.Of course, the alternative - that he was falsely denounced by his nephews for the sake of his estate, and that this was seized on by authorities wishing to punish him for his previous political activities - is also hinted at.This is a subtle novel, with elements of a both mystery and gothic horror, as our priestly ingen [...]

    3. Assuming you can stand some of the descriptions of dreadful crimes that this book contains, it is a fascinating read on several levels. Certainly there is the deviation of de Rey and the horror of the crimes which the book is basically about. It is the story of the life of French nobleman and Marshal of France, Gilles de Rey, known after his death as Bluebeard, and about whom many legends went on to exist, based on this original truth. Nye's own novel set in the same time period, mid 1400s, is h [...]

    4. Being brought up with tales of Joan of Arc and of Bluebeard, I had no idea of their connection until reading this novel based on the later life (the Bluebeard part) of Gilles de Rais, one of military men behind Joan's exploits. Nor, for that matter, had I heard of her posthumous imposter and of their connection.Very well written, this book attempts to explore the juxtaposition of good and evil, great goodness and awful evil, in one person.

    5. I first heard of Gilles de Rais through a Cradle of Filth album Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder was a concept album based on the fall from grace of de Rais from his lofty heights as a nobleman and lieutenant of Joan of Arc to a convicted serial child murderertypical black metal fare reallyyhow this book possibly acted as a reference point certainly the phrase honey and sulphur is contained herein and is also the title of one of the CD tracks.I however digress from a CD review and have to say whe [...]

    6. Odd. This book a about three people, in varying degrees as the book progresses - the eponymous hero of the book Gille de Rais, Father Eustache Blanchet the narrator, and Joan of Arc. Father Eustache is trying to come to terms with the horrors he has been exposed to by Gilles de Rais, no spoiler as he admits all this from the beginning, and the narrative, though taking us through Eustache's story, does concentrate it's most enlightening passages to explaining this away, to find a cause for Gilles [...]

    7. I do not believe I have ever read a more compelling historical novel; written as fiction but heavily based in fact, it is an amazing read that I heavily suggest to anyone interested in history, Joan or Arc, or Gilles de Rais. The language used was beautiful, even if the subject matter was not. This was one of the best books that I have read period, let alone recently. Worth the time, so read it!

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