iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Deals

Apple should cling to its usual publication schedule for the iPhone 8, which means that the smartphone will likely appear in September. There will be a huge anticipation around this device that marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range, and the rumors surrounding the handset are beginning to intensify.

And reports this week have suggested that Apple was already considering design settings for the iPhone 8, with a filtered image claiming to be the next generation smartphone that attracts attention.

Resemblance iPhone 5

The picture represents a smartphone that looks a bit like a thin iPhone 5, with a notable extra hole under the Apple logo. Analysts have suggested that this hole can be considered the relocated Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple has been working on the technology needed to integrate this sensor for several years, and the iPhone 8 should begin this innovation.

However it is also suggested that Apple is trying to develop this technology to the point where it can be produced satisfactorily for a major device such as the iPhone 8. To solve this problem, Apple should consider the possibility of relocating the scanner At the back of the smartphone. But there have been tentative suggestions that the consumer electronics giant might even postpone the release date of the iPhone 8 weeks or even months.

Delayed release date

However, this last suggestion seems rather unlikely, and Apple is certainly more likely to compromise the design of the iPhone 8 than to risk a later release date. It seems almost certain that the Californian company is experiencing several projects at the moment, as the preparations for the iPhone 8 continue. If it's convenient remote to implement one of them, rather than changing the publishing schedule that worked well for the consumer electronics giant, then Apple will surely do it.

Whispers of analysis

Nevertheless, this has not prevented some analysts from suggesting that the iPhone 8 will actually be postponed. To compensate for this difficulty, the consumer electronics giant is expected to launch two iPhone 7S models, probably with the same screen size as the existing iPhone 7. Meanwhile, the release date of the iPhone 8 from 5.8 inches will then be returned several weeks.

Brian White noted that "our contact firmly believes that the iPhone 8 5.8in will be delayed for several weeks due to challenges around the 3D detection technology, but still in time for the December holidays." White suggests that several supply issues impede Preparation for the iPhone 8, and Apple may be forced to delay delivery accordingly.

Green powers

In other news of the iPhone 8, it seems that Apple is trying to improve its already credible green references by producing versions particularly environmentally friendly versions of future smartphones. In its annual report on environmental liability, Apple said it intended to make mines of earth materials in order to manufacture future gadgets.

"Traditional supply chains are linear, materials are extracted, made into products and often end up in landfills after use, and then the process begins and more materials are extracted from the earth for new We believe that our goal should be a closed loop supply chain, where products are built using only renewable resources or recycled materials, "the report said.

Apple has taken considerable steps to ensure that customers are used in products for recycling, while the company has also melted the aluminum iPhone cases to manufacture mini-computers used in its factories. "For tin, we have taken a different approach," the company said. "Unlike aluminum, there is a market supply of recycled tin that meets our quality standards."

Thus, Apple was able to use recycled tin for the manufacture of the iPhone 6S. And the Cupertino-based company said its goal is "to one day finish our addiction to mining". While Apple has been reluctant to disclose the exact percentage of recycled materials used in its products, there is no doubt that this is significant.

Greenpeace praise

And the company was commended by environmental groups for its commitment to environmentally friendly procedures. Greenpeace Senior Analyst Gary Cook is an individual who recognizes that a company sometimes criticized for its industrial practices has made significant efforts in this area.

"Apple's commitment to 100% recycling of materials is ambitious and stresses the need for greater industry-wide urgency to reduce resource consumption and e-waste that is causing significant environmental impacts, Environment and human health, "Cook said.

Greenpeace believes that manufacturing new gadgets with recovered materials increases the tendency to recycle devices. Naturally, this must be encouraged, and Apple has successfully achieved a brand that has positive connotations with green problems.

Apple also received applause from environmental activists to invest heavily in green energy for its operations. This is an area in which Apple made specific allegations, the hardware manufacturer indicating that 96% of the electricity used in its global facilities comes from renewable sources. In addition, Apple's new "space ship" main campus is now fully powered by renewable energies.

New Updates

Apple should also include a wide variety of upgrades in the iPhone 8, the most important being the introduction of OLED technology. Changing the shape of the display technology included in the iPhone 8 poses some challenges for Apple and could make reporting time reports more credible.

There have already been reports that have suggested that Apple is trying to locate satisfactory amounts of OLED screens, with Samsung, of course, already used this technology in its Galaxy devices. Even though Apple seems to intend to publish a single model of the iPhone 8 generation with an OLED display, it will still be logically difficult for the company to acquire enough units.

So it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 8 will grow in the months to come, and what ads makes Apple.

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